June 11, 2017 – St. Louis Cardinals Review

Alright, I know I said this was going to be an audio blog. My thought process has since changed and this is likely going to end up being more like your typical blog. I’m sure my mind will change many times on this, some will be written and some will be audio, but for now we’re going to roll with written. The main benefits with a written blog is an easier ability to edit, which you can’t really do unless you want to redo almost everything with audio, and the ability to be able to write at home. Not saying I don’t like the visits to my local radio station, but working from home seems more appealing.

Now the reason you clicked on this blog, the St. Louis Cardinals. How about this? Three straight wins. THREE straight WINS. Following a seven game losing streak, a sweep feels really nice. It may have been against the worst team in baseball, but it still feels really nice. The offense put up a good number of runs again. The pitching, aside from Oh, was also pretty stellar. All good sights to see as a St. Louis Cardinals fan.

It’s crazy to say, but the offense and the ability to cash in with some insurance runs won this game. The offense took a while to get going, the 5th inning to be exact, but Dexter Fowler’s 3-run bomb changed the course of the game. Two more runs in the 6th and a crucial insurance run in the 8th, seeing that Oh nearly blew up in the 9th, helped the Cardinals to victory. Everyone except Gyorko recorded a hit, when’s the last time we said that? Pham is back to batting above .300, Eric Fryer has performed well in Yadi’s absence, Wong has been hot since returning from injury. 10 hits, six runs, good game from the Cardinal offense

What is wrong with Oh? You remember the cold blooded Oh that anytime he entered a game you just knew the other team didn’t have a chance? I don’t want to say he’s been a bad closer, he’s actually been pretty decent. But compared to last year he is nowhere near what he was. He gave up two runs and a hot shot to end the game that luckily went right to Piscotty. This following his last appearance when he gave off a leadoff double to put the Cardinals in trouble. Ideally want to have a little less anxiety when the closer enters the game.

Waino, Waino, Waino. At first you envisioned it being another long day, but thankfully he settled in. Five innings, six hits, two runs, nothing terrific but not a bad day for Waino. Fowler’s bomb allowed him to get the win moving him to 7-4 on the year and he proved that he still hasn’t completely lost his step. You can only hope he continues to produce and put up good numbers.

Lyons, Bowman, and Rosey were the other pitchers appearing in the game. Bowman gave up a run, but pitched well aside from that. Nice to see Lyons put up a scoreless frame after giving up a two run shot to Joey Votto in his last appearance. Rosey was stellar, three batters, three strikeouts.

Series Takeaway
We need to take this sweep like a grain of salt. I don’t want to downplay it, a sweep is nice no matter the team. But at the end of the day the Philadelphia Phillies are currently the worst team in baseball. Nice to see offensive production, but the Phillies pitching staff also has the worst ERA in baseball. We should be happy with a sweep, a three game win streak, and some life being shown from the Cardinals. But let’s smile about this in the off day tomorrow and get geared for a huge upcoming series.

Up Next
To say the next series is a big one would be a gigantic understatement. The Milwaukee Brewers. The Brewers have been a pleasant surprise this season. If you told anyone that on June 11th the Brewers would be in first in the NL Central, everyone would’ve laughed at you. It starts with a double header on Tuesday, we’ll get a look at Marco Gonzales Tuesday night. The last time we saw Marco was September 1, 2015. He has a lot of promise and lost his season last year due to Tommy John surgery so it’ll be interesting to see how he performs. The Cardinals offense will have more of a test, the Brewers sit 11th in the MLB in ERA. Pitching will have to be on as well, Milwaukee ranks 6th overall in runs scored.

NL Central Final Scores
Chicago Cubs 7 Colorado Rockies 5
Pittsburgh Pirates 3 Miami Marlins 1
Milwaukee Brewers 1 Arizona Diamondbacks 11
Cincinnati Reds 7 Los Angeles Dodgers 9

NL Central Standings
Milwaukee Brewers                  33-31     —
Chicago Cubs                              31-31     1.0
St. Louis Cardinals                    29-32     2.5
Cincinnati Reds                         29-33     3.0
Pittsburgh Pirates                     28-35     4.5





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