Post Week 1 NFL Top Five

Wow, I did really well keeping up with this new blog. Staying consistent with this lasted about a solid week. I need to get better at this, but life gets busy with two jobs and college. Excuses, I know. Regardless, I was listening to a podcast this morning and they gave their top five NFL teams following Week 1. It spiked my interest so I figured I’d do one of my own. Grading criteria for Week 1 was pretty simple as I only have one game to base my top five off of. Getting the W is obviously pretty important, but overall play and outlook for the season plays just as big of a role. That’s enough of me typing the intro, time to dig in.

Two notable teams I’m keeping out of the Top Five this week that could very well (and probably will) end up here at some point in the season is the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Atlanta Falcons. But why? They won, right? Well, yes. But they looked awful against terrible teams. The Steelers damn near lost to the Browns. I admit, DeShone Kizer looked pretty good in this game aside from the sack total. But that doesn’t change the fact a returning AFC Championship team almost blew it to a returning 1-15 team. How ESPN has them ranked number 1 baffles me. The Falcons? Damn near lost to the Bears. That one needs no further explaining.

Number Five – Oakland Raiders
While picking my top five, I could easily come up with four teams. Based on the snubs, the Raiders were the best team left that could fill in the number five role. Derek Carr didn’t have any crazy stats, but still a solid game. 262 yards, two TD’s. Beast Mode is back and rushed for 76 yards. Offense never turned the ball over. Defense stopped two of the Titans three red zone opportunities. Winners by 10 on the road. Not a bad week for the Oakland Raiders

Number Four – New England Patriots
Here we have an exception to my win-loss ruling for one simple reason, it’s the Patriots. I can’t remember the last time anyone could legitimately say the Patriots are not a Top Five team in the NFL. They had a bad week, which is why they are down at four. They probably will climb as soon as this week. A pissed off Tom Brady is about to face a Saints team that just made Sam Bradford look like a star.

Number Three – Dallas Cowboys
Personal bias showing here? Maybe. But the Cowboys biggest question mark going into this season was how good will the new look defense, specifically the secondary, look? Holding the Giants to three points I’d say is a good first result. Sure, OBJ was inactive. But I really don’t think the Giants would’ve won this game even with him in there. Remember the Brandon Marshall signing Giants fans were really excited about? He had one reception. Dak had a good game, Zeke rushed for 104 yards amid all the outside controversy, Cole Beasley had a crazy circus catch, offense never turned the ball over. Sounds like enough to place the Cowboys in the top three.

Number Two – Green Bay Packers
The Packers defense was downright bad for the majority of last year. The same can not be said for Week 1. Russell Wilson had no answer for the Green Bay defense, Seattle did not record a touchdown in this game. On the offensive side, Aaron Rodgers did Aaron Rodgers things and threw for 300+ yards. Uncharacteristically he also threw a pick six but it was called back thanks to the Seattle losing their cool and getting a player ejected. The Packers were already an expected top tier team heading into the season and this week didn’t change that.

Number One – Kansas City Chiefs
Here you go “Chiefs Kingdom”. Remember all the good things I said about the Patriots? Well the Chiefs beat that team. At their place. By a considerable margin. Making one of the greatest QB’s to ever play the game look pretty silly. From the start of the game, New England carved KC’s defense and Kareem Hunt fumbled on his first carry in the NFL. Well the defense adjusted and it’s safe to say so did Kareem Hunt. Alex Smith simply wasn’t human. 28 for 35, four touchdowns, not a single interception. Certainly pleasing for Chiefs fans to see. The news of Eric Berry brought the positive spirit down a little bit. But there is no question that after Week 1, following that performance, the Kansas City Chiefs are the best team in the NFL.


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