Post Week 2 NFL Top Five

It was an interesting Week 2 to say the least. Two of my top three teams from last week got clobbered (yes, my beloved Cowboys being one of them), we had an overtime game, a 9-3 final, Jay Cutler won a football game, Yonghoe Koo missed another game winning field goal, Brady is back to form, and JJ Watt murdered a center to end the Thursday Night game. Now with all that said, let’s see how the top five stacks up.

Number Five – Oakland Raiders
Number five stays the same as the Oakland Raiders put up a solid performance (which they should have) against the Jets. Michael Crabtree hauled in 3 TD’s. The offensive line played really well not allowing a sack and helped Oakland rack up 180 rushing yards as a team. On the defensive side, they totaled four sacks and forced two fumbles. In a game they should’ve considerably won, they did just that. Side note, if you still haven’t seen the video of Marshawn Lynch dancing during this game, please do yourself a favor and go watch it.

Number Four – New England Patriots
Tom Brady is back after a tough Week 1. 447 yards and 3 TD’s. Mike Gillislee found the endzone again and Gronk had 6 receptions for 116 yards and a touchdown. The defense was nothing great but held its own. Regardless, a good performance in enemy territory. Convincing enough that, if not for other game results this week, should’ve put them in the top three.

Number Three – Atlanta Falcons
This was going to be my number two team until the fourth quarter of Sunday night’s game happened. Holding a 24 point lead with a quarter remaining, Green Bay put up 11 unanswered and honestly looked like they could’ve made a run for the game. That alone drops them to three, but still a really good performance. Aaron Rodgers simply did not look like Aaron Rodgers. The defensive front put incredible pressure on him all game. Unlike last week against Seattle, Green Bay’s defense had no answer to Atlanta’s offensive attack in the first half. This week could be a fun one when they visit Detroit.

Number Two – Denver Broncos
Yes, as a Cowboys fan this one was tough. Yes, being honest, the Broncos kicked the Cowboys ass. From a Cowboys fan perspective, I don’t think the loss is as bad as it seems, but that’s a different discussion. Trevor Siemian picked apart the Cowboys dwindling secondary and passed for 4 TD’s. CJ Anderson had his own success, rushing for 118 yards and finding the endzone once. The defense had two picks, one being a 103 yard pick six by Aqib Talib to end the game to pour salt in the wound. And I’m sure we all know how good the defensive front was as we’ve heard every Ezekiel Elliot joke imaginable. Really good game, good enough to go from unranked to number two.

Number One – Kansas City Chiefs
Not as impressive of a performance as Atlanta or Denver, but when number one wins there’s no reason to change it. The Eagles made this one interesting at the end but KC held on. Ideally, you’d want a little more convincing of a win but Philly is a better team this year. Kareem Hunt had another impressive game with two scores. Travis Kelce had a nice looking diving touchdown that put the Chiefs up for good. Next up is a game in LA against the Chargers, which is far from a home field advantage. They shouldn’t have any troubles. But if they do, Yonghoe Koo would probably miss another game winning field goal.


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