Post Week 3 NFL Top Five

WHAT. A. WEEK! This was definitely one of the most entertaining weeks of football that I can remember in quite some time. Two overtime games, a good Thursday Night Football game (that featured the Rams and 49ers), Brady in the clutch, Rodgers in the clutch, a 61 yard game winning field goal, controversy in Detroit, this week of football was simply nuts. Only two undefeated teams remain and 16 teams hold a 2-1 record so it made for an interesting process determining my top five this week. After a lot of thought and comparing results of multiple teams, I can say I’m pretty confident in my reps this week.

Number Five – Denver Broncos
It was a disheartening loss for the Broncos in Buffalo this week but not quite enough to knock them out of my top five. In the team comparison process, impact of previous wins was considered and the ass kicking they gave my Cowboys kept them here. Trevor Siemian made bad decisions throwing the ball in the second half resulting in two interceptions and Von Miller made a boneheaded decision that resulted in an unsportsmanlike call against Denver. Stephen Hauschka’s leg was no friend to them. He connected on four field goals, two of them from 50+ yards and one from 49. This week should be interesting when they host AFC West foe Oakland, who’s also coming off a tough loss.

Number Four – Green Bay Packers
I might’ve been a little too harsh on the Packers last week knocking them completely out of my top five. But Rodgers and company are back within a week. There’s no doubt about it, the Packers looked downright bad in the first half of this game. The defense seemed to have no answer and Rodgers even threw a 75 yard pick six. All of a sudden the winless Bengals held a 21-7 halftime lead at Lambeau. But then the defense adjusted, and so did Aaron Rodgers. He found Jordy Nelson in the endzone with 17 seconds left to force OT. In overtime the defense stood tall again then, facing 3rd and 10, Rodgers finds Geronimo Allison for a 72 yard completion setting up the Mason Crosby game winning field goal. It was a dramatic game and one I’m sure the Packers didn’t want to be this close. But at the end of the day a win is a win. They have a quick turnaround with the Thursday Night game against the Bears this week who are coming off a big win against Pittsburgh.

Number Three – New England Patriots
Tom. Brady. This man proved, as he does time and time again, why he is one of the greatest QB’s to ever play the game. He threw for five touchdowns in total but even so, it just felt like Deshaun Watson came in to this game with an edge and he damn near pulled it off. 54 seconds left in the game, on 3rd and 18, Brady chucks a 25 yard deep ball to the end zone that Brandin Cooks makes a fantastic catch on. Brady and Cooks make another connection for the two point conversion, Deshaun Watson makes one last heave but it’s picked off and the Patriots win 36-33. A lot of things the Patriots wish they could’ve done better but give a lot of credit to Houston in this game. New England is going to want to feast on the Panthers this week who look completely lost for a 2-1 team.

Number Two – Atlanta Falcons
A lot of question marks with this 3-0 record. For those that didn’t see the end of the game this week, I’ll do a quick recap. The Lions have the ball late in the game. Matthew Stafford completes what is initially called a touchdown to Golden Tate to put the Lions up with 8 seconds left. After the review, it’s ruled Tate’s elbow was down at the 1. But with the review, a 10 second run off must be enforced which in turn takes all the time left off the clock and the Falcons win the game. Who’s the say the Lions would’ve scored with one last play but it looked like a favorable event. That was the main highlight for the Falcons for Week 3, they escape Detroit with their perfect record still in tact. Matt Ryan didn’t look very good throwing three interceptions. They’ll have an interesting test hosting Buffalo this week coming off the win against Denver.

Number One – Kansas City Chiefs
Last but not least we have the Chiefs retaining their number one spot. They looked really good early on and the defense was fantastic forcing Philip Rivers to throw three interceptions. Eventually they slowed down but pulled off the W in the end. Kareem Hunt iced the game with a 69 yard rushing touchdown late. He totaled 172 yards on the ground for the day, that’s just ridiculous. The Redskins handed Oakland their first loss of the season Sunday night so their matchup this week could be a fun one.

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