Post Week 4 NFL Top Five

Another week of NFL Football is in the books and we are already down to one undefeated team remaining. This week wasn’t as fun as last week but still pretty decent. The Jets won again, Buffalo and Carolina pulled off shocking wins, the Rams might be legit, and Deshaun Watson continues to get better each week. Thursday Night and Sunday Night Football were both underwhelming but the Chiefs and Redskins put up a good one last night. A couple shifts in the rankings this week, and one newcomer that will probably make a lot of people think I’m crazy.

Number Five – Denver Broncos
Initially I planned to at least move Denver up one spot but you’ll see why I didn’t with 4 and 3. They hopped on the Raiders early holding a 10-0 lead after one quarter. They couldn’t register a touchdown the rest of the game but Brandon McManus connected for two field goals in the third quarter and they ultimately won 16-10. Their defense had another stellar week. Now, especially with Derek Carr presumably out for at least 2 weeks, Denver looks to be the team that will give the Chiefs the most competition in the AFC West. They get their bye week this week and have the Giants for Sunday Night Football in Week 6.

Number Four – Atlanta Falcons
I give the Falcons the benefit of the doubt at 4 this week. Having Julio Jones and Mohamed Sanu go down in the same game is tough. Even so, they still held tough against a Bills team that’s looked pretty good early on this season. Matt Ryan continued to have accuracy issues throwing two picks. That’s a problem that’s going to need to be addressed if the Falcons want to make any kind of a postseason run this year. They, like the Broncos, have their bye this week and face a really bad looking Dolphins team in Week 6.

Number Three – Buffalo Bills
Wait. The Bills? At number three?? Before you call me crazy, let me put it to you like this. Do you agree the Broncos are a top five team? You should. Do you agree the Falcons are a top five team? You also should. The Bills have beaten both of them in consecutive weeks. They had a bad loss against Carolina in Week 2 but still held Cam Newton and company to 9 points. Will they keep this up? Probably not, but they’ve earned their spot here for this week. Buffalo’s defense is underrated and Tyrod Taylor is showing sparks of brilliance. Following two big wins, they need to stay focused. Cincinnati at home is very capable of pulling off an upset of their own if they aren’t careful. ESPN only has Buffalo at 15 in their power rankings, no move from last week after beating the previously undefeated Falcons. That’s just bonkers.

Number Two – Green Bay Packers
The Packers did what they needed to do on Thursday Night and handled the Bears. Aaron Rodgers is still doing Aaron Rodgers things, 4 TDs this week. Two picks and two fumble recoveries for the defense as well. They are responsible for us getting our first look at Mitch Trubisky next week. Davante Adams took a vicious hit and left the game on a stretcher. Don’t know the extent of how long he will be out (he was released from the hospital after an overnight stay, so that’s good) but he will be missed. If it were my choice, hopefully they drop next week, but Rodgers should be able to pick apart the Cowboys struggling secondary.

Number One – Kansas City Chiefs
The Monday Night game kind of reminded me of the Patriots game. The defense came out pretty weak, Kirk Cousins picked them apart, then they adjusted. I couldn’t have been the only one waiting for Kareem Hunt to bust out for an incredibly long run in the 4th quarter to put the game away, but it actually didn’t happen this week. He was still impressive as he put up 101 yards on the ground in a “low” week. Travis Kelce had a great game aside from getting leveled by Josh Norman. And how about the kicker? A week ago no one could’ve told you who Harrison Butker was and now he kicks a game winning field goal. Not bad for a 7th round draft pick.


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