Post Week 6 NFL Top Five

Well…this was interesting. Every single team in my top five last week lost so it made for a difficult decision making process. Impact of wins and, more importantly, losses was taken into account for the process. I think I hit it pretty well for numerous two loss teams to pick from. So this week was fun, a lot of upsets. We no longer have any undefeated teams in the NFL, Detroit almost pulled off a massive comeback, we had one overtime game, the Giants finally won a game, and we potentially lost one of the greatest QBs in the game for the season.

First I want to start by saying the Green Bay Packers will not be in the top five. It isn’t for the loss, the Vikings are a decent team, but the impact of the loss. Aaron Rodgers broke his collarbone and is potentially out for the year following surgery. Seeing how Brett Hundley and the rest of the team performed once he left the game Sunday is enough evidence to show Green Bay is in trouble. I don’t know how they plan to address the quarterback void. But without Aaron Rodgers, it’s going to be very hard for the Packers to succeed.

Number Five – Pittsburgh Steelers
I said impact of losses will be taken into account with this top five. A loss to Chicago and getting blown out by the Jags hurt the Steelers. But when they come in to Arrowhead this week and beat the team that’s been my number one all year, it would be asinine to leave them out. The defense played great and it was needed after that outing against Jacksonville. And in case you were curious, Le’Veon Bell is still Le’Veon Bell. They host the Bengals next.

Number Four – New Orleans Saints
This one is a little bit of a surprise pick but I think it’s a rational one. The Saints lost their first two games of the season. The first was a Monday Night game against the Vikings who had Dalvin Cook at the time. The second was to the Patriots. So not bad losses by any means. Since then they’ve rattled off three straight wins over the likes of Carolina, Miami, and Detroit. They have a decent shot at making it four straight in their next game against the Packers.

Number Three – New England Patriots
Well, well, well. Tom Brady is back in the top five. New England is the perfect team to think of when you hear the term “escaping with a win”. A late rally by Jameis Winston nearly gave the Bucs a win two weeks ago and a controversial touchdown callback turned the tide of the game against the Jets this week. Regardless, Brady and company are 4-2 and we get the highly advertised Super Bowl rematch this Sunday night.

Number Two – Philadelphia Eagles
Yes, this Dallas Cowboys fan has to swallow my pride a little bit with this one. I wasn’t big on the Philly hype train mostly due to them only beating the Giants and Chargers by a combined five points. But these past two weeks have been impressive. They handled the Cardinals two weeks ago and then beat Cam Newton in Carolina this past Thursday. Carson Wentz and the offense continues to impress as they’re in the top 10 in nearly every offensive category. They look like the favorite for the NFC East but the Redskins have sneakily improved this season. A Monday night matchup between the two should be a fun one.

Number One – Kansas City Chiefs
They suffered their first loss of the season but, thanks largely in part to other top teams struggling, won’t relinquish their number one spot. Maybe I’m responsible for their demise? I said last week Kareem Hunt might rush for 200 yards and he did the complete opposite. My question is how you only give the guy nine carries against one of the worst defensive fronts in the league? Especially when Alex Smith is struggling. I don’t know the answer, but I’m also a college student typing on my blog about the NFL, not an NFL coach. The Chiefs must have a short term memory. A Thursday matchup in Oakland shouldn’t be overlooked.


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