A new year typically means change for a lot of people, at least for a time being. It’s the time where we, as a society, decide we’re going to get active, work harder, pursue our dreams, etc. That matches the theme of this blog, change. I’m hoping for a lot of big things in 2018 and this is step 1.

If you’ve followed the blog before, you’ve probably already noticed some of the changes. It’s no longer “Austin’s Sports Blog”. Now it’s “Ward’s Take”. The website name is a little different, “wardstakespw”. “SPW” standing for sports and pro wrestling.

My love for professional wrestling is very well documented. I’ve followed professional wrestling since I was wearing diapers. To my benefit, I have a family member, Uncle Matt, that can just about say the same. With our knowledge of the history and love for pro wrestling, we’ve collaborated to form a podcast.

This podcast will follow close to the same format each week. There will be four new podcasts every week. The days in which these are released will vary, we’re both in college so different days will work better on different weeks. Regardless, we can promise that AT SOME POINT all four will be available by the end of the week.

The first podcast will be a Monday Night Raw review, pretty self explanatory. The second, a Smackdown Live review. Again, pretty self explanatory. For the third, we dive into pro wrestling shows that AREN’T Raw or Smackdown. This includes NXT, 205 Live, ROH, Impact, New Japan when applicable, etc. Finally, the last will be a news roundup which will basically look at the big pro wrestling news stories throughout the week.

So what about the blog posts? They still won’t be going anywhere, but they won’t always be sports related either. In 2018 I’m taking a more “blog specific” approach. While most things I write about will be sports related, they won’t all be. I’m in college, I typically lift at least five days a week, I like watching movies, I like listening to music, there’s numerous things I can write about. At the end of the day, if I think of something I want to write about, it will probably end up on the blog.

If you’re still reading at this point, first off congrats. But thank you. You know me somehow, those 20 views a week on those NFL Power Rankings didn’t generate random readers, believe it or not. But you know my dream, to be a journalist and work my way up. The more you read and share, the better my chances become, and the better I get overall. Thank you and hopefully even some of my ice cold takes can keep you intrigued enough to keep reading.

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