Sweet Heat Skittles are…interesting

When I said I was revamping my blog to be more like a “personal blog”, this is the kind of stuff I meant. This is such a random piece but I had thoughts so, naturally, I choose to write about them. I’ve never done a food review, or candy review in this case, before so we’ll see how this goes.

I was standing in line at Break Time yesterday, drink in one hand, solid pulled pork sandwich in the other. I noticed some new Skittles were on display. “Sweet Heat Skittles”, they were called. Skittles are my favorite type of candy, bar none. I had to try these things.

When I got back to my car I read the description. “Fruity Flavors with a Spicy Kick”. I was skeptical. Full disclosure, I don’t like spicy foods. I am a weak individual and spicy foods make me weaker. I didn’t know how you could mix a fruity flavor with a spicy flavor. It seemed it would be about as successful as Chocolate Skittles, which is the only kind of Skittles to this day that I have ever despised.

All I could seem to think about was taking a bite into a sweet apple, or a tangy orange. As soon as you’re about to enjoy it, you realize someone put red pepper flakes on top. Gross. But, to my surprise, Sweet Heat Skittles weren’t that bad.

There are five flavors, as there usually are
Lemon Spark
Fiery Watermelon
Sizzlin’ Strawberry
Blazin’ Mango
Flamin’ Orange

How exactly does one make a fiery watermelon? I have no idea, but it was pretty damn good.

The first initial flavor that hits your mouth is sour, rather than spice. I thought the spice factor really didn’t come in until the aftertaste. To me, it was a fine line of spicy aftertaste. It wasn’t overwhelming, but it was enough to where you could definitely taste it. I promise, if it’s not overwhelming to me, it won’t be overwhelming to anyone.

The best part is the aftertaste doesn’t last any longer than 5-10 minutes. There was no lingering filth in my mouth that lasted all day long. You ate it, it kicked, and it was gone.

This candy isn’t the usual bingeable type of Skittles. I didn’t eat the bag all at once, which I’m not ashamed to say I normally do. That could just be me acclimating to the taste, but it still isn’t normal for me.

Ultimately, I think these Skittles are worth a try. They’re not spectacular, I probably won’t seek to buy them again. But I think the title of this post fits them well. They’re interesting. I doubt they last the test of time. After Smoothie Mix Skittles vanished, I lost faith that any new Skittles would ever last.

So that’s my first food, or candy, review. It probably isn’t interesting to read at all. But I had enough thoughts to document them. If you’re still reading, kudos to you, and go give Sweet Heat Skittles a try.

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