What just happened? Super Bowl LII Review

The title says it all. What just happened? The Patriots lost? To a backup quarterback? The Eagles made the late-game big play? The Cubs and Eagles now have more recent championships than the Cardinals and Cowboys? WHAT JUST HAPPENED?

I admit, this Super Bowl was fun for me even though I had no interest in either team. The Patriots are the Patriots, the Eagles are my team’s biggest rival. At the end of the day I couldn’t win when it came to the winner but I also couldn’t lose. Despite my hatred for the Eagles, seeing a dejected Tom Brady and Bill Belichick is such a pretty sight.

The game was great. It was nothing like last year in that the game was entertaining all throughout. Philly got on the board first with 3 when I really thought they had all momentum for 6, New England got 3 of their own, then the field goal woes came.

Philly scored a touchdown but missed the extra point. The next possession saw Stephen Gostkowski doink a 26 yarder, even though that one wasn’t his fault. The last five drives of the first half were touchdown, field goal, interception, touchdown, touchdown. That’s fun.

And talk about an unfortunate interception. Alshon Jeffrey was having a game at that point. He had his arm held, nearly got the catch, but as he tried with the other hand, batted it in the air, wound up in New England’s hands. That’s the type of play that normally turns the tide of the game into the Patriot’s favor. But Philly kept answering.

Patriots scored right out of the half, oh no. But Philly answered again. Go figure, the Patriots scored another touchdown. The Eagles got a field goal. Finally, with 9:22 left in the game, the Patriots scored a touchdown on their 4th straight full drive to take the lead. This is where it seemed like the game might be over.

But then, you guessed it, Philly answered. AGAIN. Even more shocking, Zach Ertz’s touchdown came with controversy. I thought he caught it, but I also thought Dez caught it a few years ago. The NFL has had trouble in the past with being consistent. But the biggest takeaway is they could’ve called it a no catch and they didn’t. Thus going against their master, Bill Belichick.

The Eagles were confident and failed a two point conversion. It would’ve put them up 7, but why not take the easy point? Gostkowski had already missed two field goals, one being an extra point. I’m much more comfortable with a 6 point lead than running the risk of having a 5 point lead. I didn’t like the call, but it worked out for them.

So Brady had his spot. Down by 5, over 2 minutes left on the clock, it looked like we were about to see another fairy tale comeback. Then…he fumbled. What. Just. Happened? The Eagles could only tack on a field goal. He had another shot down by 8 with over a minute left. He failed again. The Eagles won the Super Bowl.

The game was flat out awesome. I remember seeing a few of the commercials but not many. Admittedly, it’s my first Super Bowl being of drinking age, so I didn’t pay that much attention to the commercials. I saw Tide had a pretty big presence. The halftime show was nothing bad, but nothing spectacular either.

We need more Super Bowl’s like this one. High scoring affairs are fun. Seeing Tom Brady post 505 yards and 3 touchdowns and lose was hilarious. Nice job, defense. It was a fun night, a fun game, and now I have swallow my pride and say to myself – The Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl.

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