3/14/18 – NXT Review

I admit I’m a little bit lost on what’s completely going on in NXT, I haven’t been too consistent watching as of late. Regardless, I’ll be more into it since it is typically the best program of WWE television each week. (Can it be called television?) With that said, I can’t preview my expectations for the episode, so let’s just get into it.

SAnitY def Tino Sabbatelli and Riddick Moss
A fair match, but that’s about it. SAnitY winning comes as no surprise. The main thing to watch in this match was any dissension between Tino and Riddick but nothing ever came in that regard. Nikki Cross flying into Riddick Moss was cool and the spot of the match.

Ciampa is silent
I really liked this segment because it’s hard for guys to get an assignment of making use of a segment where you’re not allowed to say anything. His arrogant presence was felt throughout. The crowd was way into it. He let the crowd hype up for Johnny, give him a lot of heat, and walk around to engage the fans even more. Very well done.

Dakota Kai def Lacey Evans
I wondered what purpose this match was serving other than Dakota Kai’s return, until Shayna Baszler came out. Baszler does a good job playing the intimidation role. I wasn’t a fan of Ember’s mic work. Her asking if Shayna “wanted to do this again” didn’t make a lot of sense to me because Ember got dismantled for the majority of their last match. I thought the fight scene was weak. Neither looked too aggressive with it and refs didn’t do a good job selling breaking up the two at all. Including Dakota Kai in helping Ember get the upper hand was cool and made sense.

Street Profits def Heavy Machinery
I love the Street Profits so seeing them win was nice. The match was pretty short but not bad. I enjoyed the cup spot. Picking who I want to win between Street Profits and Authors of Pain is going to be hell.

Pete Dunne def Adam Cole by DQ to retain the UK Championship
This was an awesome match and I’m completely fine with the finish. Pete Dunne is such a technically sound wrestler and has a tremendous presence in the ring. We potentially got a hint at a pairing between Pete Dunne and Roderick Strong. I think I’d like it just for how unorthodox of an idea it is. Plus seeing those two feud with Undisputed Era would generate some damn good wrestling.

Black-Almas contract signing
Andrade Almas not being present and Zelina Vega being there on his behalf didn’t make the segment lose any substance whatsoever. Aleister Black is an imposing figure and does well in making his presence known without doing much. Vega owned the mic. Can she sign on behalf of Andrade? Is that allowed? Is he younger than 18? The slap was classic. The brunt of this segment came when Candice LeRae came out and unloaded on Zelina Vega. This fight sequence was much better than Shayna-Ember. There was intensity and it looked like it had meaning. LeRae stood tall and provides buildup for a match between the two.

Good show. Dunne and Cole did great with their time. The NXT Universe is going to go ballistic when Gargano returns and tonight made that very evident. Andrade and Aleister is official and we got solid buildup for the Candice-Zelina encounter. Haven’t watched NXT for a while and tonight’s show was good enough to make me regret it, something WWE typically fails to do.

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