3/19/18 – Monday Night Raw Review

A lot of things to look forward to in this show. Asuka/Alexa and the Ultimate Deletion match as far as wrestling goes. We also looked to get the fallout of Roman’s suspension, Brock Lesnar’s appearance, John Cena issued a monstrous challenge, and what is going to happen with the tag team title picture?

Full result details can be found on wwe.com

Brock dismantles Roman
The WWE production trucks were moving hard in this one. Excessive cheers for Roman, loud boos for Lesnar, it was brutal. I was wondering how they were going to get Roman onto TV this week and their solution was pretty simple. Kurt played his role just fine. The US Marshal beatdown was a little weak. One man is not going to beat down three US Marshal’s, it’s just not realistic. (Oh but it’s fake pro wrestling. Yeah, I know) And you’re telling me that a US Marshal doesn’t have the Miranda Rights memorized? It was just a few authenticity things that I had a problem with. Having Brock take advantage of a handcuffed Roman and beat him down was a perfect heel move. It makes him look like a coward so WWE did its job here. I had a problem with Michael Cole’s comment of “Brock should be the one getting arrested.” Why? Roman just beat down three US Marshal’s and we feel bad about him getting his ass beat? Whatever. The “You Deserve It” and “Yes” chants to the beatdown prove that WWE still has not, and will not, get Roman over.

Asuka def Alexa Bliss
Alexa’s pre match segment was good. She plays the snobby little brat really well. The match was very bland. There was one good spot in Alexa’s sunset flip. A clean Asuka win wouldn’t have hurt anybody, she’s done it before and it would elevate her case to contend Charlotte more. She’s on to bigger and better things on Smackdown. I think WWE did a good job here in not letting Nia get ahold of Alexa. That should be the situation all the way up until WrestleMania. I honestly wouldn’t be upset if she never caught her until then. It would add an interesting dynamic in that Alexa finally can’t run away.

Braun Strowman def Cesaro
The match itself was mostly domination from Braun which is how it should be. The main takeaway here is now knowing Braun is going to get a partner at Mania. (Elias please) I thought Braun’s transition in the pre-match segment was little odd. He went from “I know I don’t need a partner” to “I will have a partner” in the matter of minutes. The Bar’s act was humorous and believable.

The Revival def Titus Worldwide
I honestly didn’t see any of this match but the right team won. There wasn’t much reasoning for the match other than throwing two teams in a weak division out there. It’s evident WWE doesn’t have any extravagant plans for The Revival. They want to be the first tag team to win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. So I guess that match is going to happen again. Talk about a match with a ton of potential to propel a lesser known wrestler gone to complete waste. Who knows, maybe they’ll get to win it and main event the pre show or something.

Mark Henry to the Hall of Fame
Awesome. Very much deserved and I’m sure his speech will be fantastic. Not many people could get a character such as “Sexual Chocolate” and thrive with it live Mark Henry did. His heel run when he won the World Heavyweight Championship was the best time of his career. The fake retirement speech is one of the best promo’s in WWE in the last five years.

Absolution def Sasha & Bayley
Turn. Sasha. Or. Bayley. Heel. It needs to be Sasha but I would take Bayley at this point. Get this tag team match off my TV. It is so stale and overused. The pre match segment was evident that it’s bound to happen. The match wasn’t awful. Turn one of the two heel, give them a match at Mania, and put Absolution in the women’s battle royal that’s going to be as pointless as the Andre battle royal.

Cena receives an omen?
This was good. This was real good. Cena absolutely owned this segment as he did last week. You can hear the anger in his voice regarding Taker and he was again taking a no holds barred approach towards him. Cena-Taker was a questionable idea at first but this is proof that good build goes a long way towards a successful match. I’m genuinely excited for this match now. Kane giving Cena a chokeslam and leaving it at that with no word is great. It leaves you with more questions than answers and that’s hardly ever a bad thing.

Balor Club def Miztourage
The pre-match promo by the Miz was the best part of this. He owned his time on the mic. The shot at indy wrestling was hilarious. The match wasn’t anything special but Seth Rollins getting the upper hand at the end of it all was a good move. Finn got the clean win last week, Seth gets the upper hand this week, you could have Miz get the upper hand next week, and then the go-home show is a tossup. There’s a lot of options WWE can go with here.

Bray Wyatt is deleted
This was awesome for one reason, it was different. It’s a familiar scene if you watch Impact but you have to remember that in WWE’s universe, nothing else exists. It was odd, it was weird, and a lot of people probably don’t know how to take it. That’s why it was perfect. Bray Wyatt fell victim to the Lake of Reincarnation and there’s so many options WWE can take from here. I was impressed to see this got the main event slot. Bray Wyatt is underrated but his character has been dead to WWE for a very long time. This could be the start of his resurgence.

Not great match quality but the promo’s made this show a good one. The opening segment was great, Alexa constantly evading Nia Jax until Mania could be compelling to follow, Cena delivered another terrific promo on the Undertaker, The Miz is still an arrogant A-lister, and the Ultimate Deletion was terrific. Nice job, Raw.

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