That damn stat-padder made history again

Russell Westbrook. That damn guy. What a stat-padder! What a mediocre player that steals rebounds! How many rings does he have, though? How’s KD? One loss away from being an 8 seed with PG and Melo, what a joke.

We get it man. You hate Russell Westbrook. He’s kind of mean. He plays angry. Maybe he’s a little too cocky sometimes. But let’s be quiet for once, Mr. Hater, and let me explain something to you.

What Russell Westbrook did is absolutely incredible. A player averaging a triple double over the course of one season used to be, even just five years ago, an afterthought. Until last year, Oscar Robertson is the only person to have done it. That was almost 60 years ago.

Then here comes that damn stat-padder Russell Westbrook. He didn’t do it once, he’s now done it in back-to-back years. It has resulted in seething hatred from many fans of the sport. But why?

I want to make one thing very clear, I know Russell Westbrook stat-pads. I want to make another thing clear, he doesn’t stat-pad as much as you think he does. That’s easy for me to say, I’m an OKC fan. I’m sure the people who see videos on Twitter know more about him than someone who’s watched almost every Thunder game this season.

So I’ll let the hater get some momentum. I just admitted that Russell Westbrook sometimes stat-pads to get triple doubles! So what? Knowing how hard a triple double in the NBA is, and how enamored the media is by it, why would you not try to help yourself if you’re almost there?

You’re telling me that if you’re playing in the NBA and only a few assists or a few rebounds away from getting a triple double that you’re not going to try a little bit harder to get them? You’re not going to maybe go off your game a little bit to try to get those? If so, that would be the definition of “stat-padding”.

Now I’ll get to the haters answer. “Stat-padding is bad because it’s selfish and it hurts the team!” But now I’ll use what haters around the world really dislike, facts.

Russell Westbrook had 25 triple doubles this season. In those 25 games, OKC went 20-5. Last year, his record 42 triple doubles resulted in a team record of 33-9. I’ll do the math for you. That’s an OKC record of 53-14 over the last two seasons when Russ has a triple double. He’s really hurting the team.

I saw a really good comparison last night that I’d like to leave here. If Lebron James were to average a triple double in back-to-back seasons, he would be God. Russ is just a stat-padder.

Let’s put your hatred aside and appreciate what Russell Westbrook has done. Two years ago, a player averaging a triple double over the course of a season had happened once in NBA history. Russ has now done it twice. “Stat-padding” Russ brings intensity, he crashes the boards, he makes good passes, and he helps the team.

You can throw as much shade at him as you want, I’ll keep that stat-padder on my team.

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