4/30/18 – Monday Night Raw Review

The go-home show to Backlash came from Montreal.

Full result details on wwe.com

Roman addresses Greatest Royal Rumble

Someone give me credit for pointing out this gaping plot hole in the steel cage finish the night that it happened. If you missed it, my exact words were, “The ending result was terrible. Since when has the rule book on steel cage matches changed? Hasn’t it always been the winner is the one who’s FEET touches the floor first? That was clearly Roman. Since when was it changed to body?”

It was clear that WWE had planned nothing more than this predictable argument from Roman. After addressing the match, it was nothing but a clusterfu…I’ll keep it PG. The first two guys in the ring tonight were Roman and Jinder, could it get any worse? The answer is no. The resident Canadians in Sami and KO got huge pops. Of course there was a fight scene to lead up to yet another six man tag match, yippee.

The crowd single handedly made this segment watchable. Montreal was hot. Had it not been for the crowd, I might’ve fallen asleep with this opening.

Elias def Bobby Roode due to referee stoppage

We have already resorted to a referee stoppage to try to keep some kind of momentum in this feud. The slo-mo replay showed how far away the turnbuckle was from actually hitting Bobby in the throat no less. This feud isn’t going to do it for me, this is boring. I love Elias, but I refuse to get behind anything WWE does with Bobby Roode until he’s turned heel.

The Authors of Pain def Jean-Paul & Francois

I really could’ve done without watching this match with blood coming out of my ears after the attempted promo from Paul & Francois (I guess that was their names?) It was a squash match, which was fine, AoP is on TV. Let’s get these guys some real competition though.

Ruby Riott def Sasha Banks

You’ll have to give Ruby Riott some more consistent victories before I can get behind her competing. WWE has done a pretty poor job at making the Riott squad seem legitimate. WWE is still dragging along with this Sasha-Bayley feud, the best thing going in the women’s division today. They’ll probably choose to stretch it out until it’s gone too far. Because, as we know, when WWE has something good, they will find a way to ruin it.

Roman, Braun, and Bobby def KO, Sami, and Jinder

Didn’t watch much of this match, I just lacked interest. The only thing that came out of the match was a boring ass tag match made for Backlash, which was about the biggest leadup to Backlash the entire night. Super Roman was the only participant in this match that seemingly has any kind of direction.

No Way Jose def Baron Corbin

Titus O’Neil being garbage finally benefited him. His clumsy ass got himself a feud. No Way Jose got a win, that’s the only positive I can take from this. When I say Elias-Bobby is boring to me, Titus-Baron is VERY boring to me. Baron Corbin is too good to be in a debacle with Titus O’Neil. Give me a break.

Natalya def Mickie James

This would be fine if the focus wasn’t always on Ronda Rousey. I get it, she’s a pop culture icon and has brought some new eyes to the product, but everything doesn’t revolve around her. Ronda is very talented and can handle the limelight, but I just hope WWE doesn’t overdo it. As far as Nia-Alexa for Backlash goes, I at least know when an ideal restroom break would be. I felt minimal intrigue for their Mania match, I feel no intrigue for this one.

Seth Rollins def Finn Balor to retain the Intercontinental Championship

FINALLY. If you tuned out by this point, (who the hell could blame you) you missed another great match between these two. The segment earlier in the show was weak, the Miztourage angle trying to recreate the four horsemen was dumb. These two can seriously deliver any time they’re in the ring together. We potentially got a few subtle hints at a Finn heel turn which is exactly the route WWE needs to go. Let’s get Seth past The Miz (this Sunday, if you didn’t know. The match got a couple lines of recognition) and advance with this feud.


As a college student, I can expect a lot of mental exhaustion this time of the year. But I don’t know if anything can give me as much mental exhaustion as this show did. It dragged on, it was boring, it waited until the show was almost over to give me anything to be excited about, and it utterly failed at hyping me up for Backlash. If I was a casual fan, I still might not realize Backlash is this Sunday. They shoved Greatest Royal Rumble advertisements down my throat last week. With as horrible as the Backlash card currently looks, maybe I don’t blame them for not effectively building to it.

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