Ward’s Take: June 29, 2018

This is something different that I’d like to try, we’ll see how long it lasts. It takes more of a “personal blog” approach and takes an open forum like approach. Each day (hopefully) I’ll discuss my views on various topics, mostly revolving around sports.

I’m willing to dish out on anything, this mostly just gives me an opportunity to write and if anyone wants to read my unwanted opinions. If there’s ever any topic you want me to touch on just shoot a comment, @ me on Twitter, DM me, Facebook message me, write me a business letter, whatever you like.

I’d like to make this a morning thing so there won’t be as much on here today since it’s already 12:20 as I’m typing this. Consider it an introduction of sorts.

Lebron and NBA Free Agency makes me a hypocrite

You’ll hear me say this a lot. “I’m so tired of hearing about (insert hot free agent here)” This summer, namely Lebron. There’s also Kawhi and PG, I’ve got a bit of an interest in PG obviously. But the first thing I do when I see a story about “Where (free agent) should/will go” I’m one of the first one’s to read it.

Lebron announced that he wasn’t going to opt-in to his contract with Cleveland this morning. That effectively makes Cleveland, Philly, and Los Angeles as his only possible destinations. I have no research behind this, just gut feelings. I’m calling PG and Lebron to head to LA and Kawhi to head to Philly.

I feel terrible for Arkansas baseball, and I don’t like the Razorbacks

As a Mizzou student you wouldn’t be surprised to know that I’m not too fond of the University of Arkansas. But man, a foul ball that should’ve been caught to win them the College World Series turned into an absolute nightmare. If you don’t feel sorry for that team, that kid, you may not be human.

Drake does it again, are you surprised?

No matter what you think about Drake and his music, you can’t deny that this guy can deliver. I’ll never judge anyone on their opinions on music, I generally don’t agree with the term “good music”. I tend to think all music is good, it’s just how someone perceives it that makes it better than the others.

I perceive hip-hop music as higher than any other genre and Drake has owned it. Who else generates the buzz that Drake does when he releases music? Who else has Twitter tweeting lyrics from his songs within seconds of release? Who else has people threatening to cancel their Spotify subscription because Apple Music got the album a couple hours earlier?

Nobody, that’s who. Drake reaches to an audience far and wide. I saw someone make a comment on Twitter regarding Drake-Pusha T that I have to agree with. Pusha T won the battle, but Drake won the war.

Thoughts on Annapolis from a Journalism major

I’ve gone to college full-time for three years now and I’ve still got two years left. I’ve also lived on my own for nearly a year. In order to afford those two things I work two jobs. I also prefer to be healthy, so I workout on a regular basis as well. In other words, I bust my ass. All to go into a career with a current average wage of about $40k a year.

I don’t do all this to one day be able to “spread a political agenda” or “spread fake news”. I do it because I want to genuinely enjoy my job, rather than make a bunch of money. I do it because I feel there’s an obligation to the truth that people deserve and I want to serve that to them.

Lastly, let’s just stop killing people. Can we do that? Please? I won’t get political, we can talk about mental health or gun control all we want. Let’s just start by not being an asshole, not being a tough guy, loving each other. It’s really not that hard.

Thanks for reading. It’s Laundry Friday, which I haven’t started, and it’s almost 1 now that I’m writing this. Damn. Still need to hit the gym too. Double damn.

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