Ward’s Take: June 30, 2018

It’s my least favorite part of the week, the weekend! For those that don’t know I work weekends at Walmart DC. My shifts start at 4 AM and normally last 10-12 hours. This will publish at 10 (was published by the time you’re reading it) and it’s 1:30 AM as I type this. Why? Good question, but it gives me something to do before I have to go to work which is fun.

But this isn’t why you’re here. Chances are you probably already left by this point. If not, kudos to you. Today I’m hitting on Jameis Winston, Red Sox/Yankees, Tiger Woods, Carter Hutton, and thoughts on the Cardinals-Braves game.

How many chances does Jameis Winston get? 

Man if we’re being honest I’m getting really sick of this guy. For those unfamiliar with the situation, he was accused of sexual misconduct (groping an Uber driver in 2016). He was originally suspended six games but it was brought down to three.

The NFL said he was accused because the event happened with a group that used Winston’s Uber account but there wasn’t evidence that it was Winston himself. Winston has apologized to the Uber driver for the incident but maintained his innocence.

So basically we’ve got a guy ‘accused’ of sexual misconduct. When did we hear this last? Ezekiel Elliot. Ezekiel Elliot didn’t get a pass. Why? His reputation? I’d be willing to argue that Jameis Winston has a much worse reputation than Ezekiel Elliot. Why are we protecting this guy?

Dude needs to grow up, simple. He’s constantly in trouble, constantly in the negative public eye, constantly being scrutinized (remember when he got caught stealing crab legs?). The Bucs have got to have a short leash on him, whether they like it or not.

When the Red Sox and Yankees are good, MLB is much more fun

I can talk about the Cardinals and Cubs all I want, that’s my personal favorite when it comes to rivalries. But man Major League Baseball is so much cooler when the Red Sox and Yankees are competing.

If you haven’t seen yet, the Yankees smoked the Red Sox (8-1) last night. CC Sabathia continued his career resurgence. These teams are both well on their way to finish with over 100 wins. That’s absurd.

The race has been neck and neck the entire season and I’m not expecting it to change at any point. It’s really fun to follow. One of these two teams will finish with the best record unless the Astros stay up there. The other will play in the Wild Card game. You know where this is going. Seeing another Red Sox-Yankees playoff series would be really fun.

Golf is also a lot more fun when Tiger Woods is good

Ok, so this one is more debatable. I’ll say this, you can’t deny that golf gets much more coverage when Tiger Woods is doing good.

I normally don’t hear about a non-major golf tournament near the top of SportsCenter unless Tiger Woods is involved. He’s currently tied for 11th, four strokes behind the leader.

I doubt he’ll win this one, but I’ve got a feeling he’s going to win one more tournament before he hangs it up. Maybe that one win is what he’s waiting on to hang it up. All I know is if that day comes, SportsCenter will be a very crazy place.

I’m going to miss Carter Hutton

Carter Hutton will sign with Buffalo when free agency opens on Sunday. I’m really going to miss that guy. He’s that guy that after Jake Allen had another terrible outing you could at least say, “At least we can throw Hutton out there.”

Not anymore. Hutton is gone, Jake Allen is still here. Super excited…

The Cardinals offense is elite

I hope you read that with as much sarcasm as I typed it with. Mikolas got in trouble in his last inning but was otherwise very good, he shouldn’t have taken a loss. Another thing, your gold glove winning left fielder should know how to play left field. It’s a crazy thought, but just a gut feeling.

Jose Martinez also is still a terrible first baseman. I love his bat, and I also wish that the Cardinals were an American League team. Another fun note that I saw via Twitter, Austin Gomber now has a higher average leverage index than Jordan Hicks this season.

For you non-sabertmetric folks, leverage index measures pressure situations. The higher your leverage index is, the more high-pressure situation you are in. Gomber has statistically pitched in higher pressure situations than Jordan Hicks. The kid that can throw a 100+ mph sinker.

Think about that for a second.


Thanks for reading. Time to make breakfast and head to work. NBA Free Agency officially begins at midnight ET tonight. Let the madness begin.

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