Ward’s Take: July 2, 2018

I didn’t get to this yesterday, which will happen from time to time on the weekends. It was a late night Saturday (by late I mean 9 pm) and I didn’t feel like it would be smart to get up any earlier than when I had to at 3 am.

But on to today’s Ward’s Take.

Lebron James doesn’t automatically make the Lakers a title threat

Lebron James is going to the Lakers, I guarantee you’ve heard it by now. But let’s make one thing clear, Lebron James himself does not make the Lakers a threat to the Warriors. Let’s make another thing clear, the Lakers aren’t done and will make plenty more moves this offseason.

Until then, right now, the Lakers are nowhere close to a threat to the Warriors. Their best shot at truly giving them any competition is adding Kawhi. Even then, I still don’t think they’re close. Golden State is just too good.

The big message behind Paul George’s extension

While Lakers fans are elated about Lebron James, they are not so much elated with Paul George. I sure am, but that’s personal bias. I take one main message away from PG’s extension.

Paul George thinks the Thunder can win it all. If he didn’t, and just wanted to try out another year with Russ, he would’ve signed a two-year deal. That’s not what he did, he signed for four years.

LA was banking on Paul George last summer and it didn’t work. Russ formed a friendship with PG and it was strong enough to keep him around. I guess he wasn’t a bad enough teammate to drive him away after all.

July might be the best month in sports

Let’s be honest, players moving teams can sometimes be a lot more fun to follow than games themselves. It’s just really exciting to see different players with new teams and speculate how each team will do. July provides plenty of opportunities.

Of course, July 1 marks the beginning of NBA and NHL free agency. July 31 marks the MLB Trade Deadline. A lot of money will be spent, one billion dollars was spent in the NBA alone yesterday, and a lot of teams will see new faces.

It’s a lot of fun, and it’s why I think July is one of the most exciting months in sports.

The Cardinals should be embarrassed 

You can be optimistic all you want. The Braves are actually pretty good, at least so far, this season. That doesn’t excuse the Cardinals performance this weekend. The defense was putrid and the offense was even worse.

If anybody in the Cardinals front office slept well last night, they should be fired. Something needs to be addressed and it needs to be addressed soon before the Cardinals turn into a cellar dweller.

Just as soon as you started to feel comfortable, following a four-game win streak, they prove you wrong. This team is in serious trouble if it doesn’t wake the hell up.


Thanks for reading. Happy Monday, kick ass this week. It’s the first week for me since January (excluding Spring Break) that I don’t have any classes, my summer class kicked off right after finals week. The relief is real.

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