Ward’s Take: July 3, 2018

It’s Independence Day Eve. Get stocked up on fireworks, spend a load of money, have a blast shooting them all off, and then immediately regret spending all your money when it’s done. That’s the spirit of America right there.

To today’s Ward’s Take. I talk about how the 2018-19 NBA season is already over, Mozeliak making a bad image, and the Cardinals pulling out a good win last night.

The 2018-19 NBA season is a wrap

It’s over, guys. OVER. I didn’t think any team in the NBA would be able to add enough this offseason to dethrone the Warriors. Then they added Boogie Cousins.

I don’t care if he can’t play until December or January, I don’t even care if he can’t play until the playoffs. I don’t care that he’s coming off a bad achilles injury. The Warriors will not be touched this year.

When mulling through ideas of what to write about last night, I was considering typing up a bit on Nerlens Noel, why I think the Pelicans got a great deal on Julius Randle, Rajon Rondo, etc. It’s not worth it anymore, everything is meaningless.

Put it in the books. The Golden State Warriors are your 2018-19 NBA Champions.

John Mozeliak continues to make himself look like an ass

If you missed it, Mo joined Danny Mac on his podcast yesterday. He had some choice words regarding Dexter Fowler, essentially agreeing with the “people he talks to” that Dex lacks in the effort department.

Last I checked, Mo has done a pretty piss poor job in the effort department when it comes to running this team the last few years. If you believe Dex lacks in effort, fine. Don’t go airing it out in public. You are an ass, and now you’re making yourself sound like one.

He also touched on Dakota Hudson and warned that good Triple A numbers don’t always translate to good MLB numbers. He even acknowledged that Luke Weaver is struggling. Here’s a crazy observation, it’s hard to know if Dakota Hudson’s numbers will translate when he’s NEVER GOTTEN A CHANCE.

Be selective with what you say, Mo. You built this dumpster fire, now own up to it.

The Cardinals played like a baseball team last night

Despite Mo’s comments, the Cardinals came out and actually looked like a baseball team last night. Four runs in the first inning and they were off. Carlos made you feel confident about him as a pitcher, a feeling we’ve lacked lately.

It was good to see after four bad games, but nothing definitive enough that can make you believe in this team.


Have a solid rest of the day. Shred season continues with chest and triceps today. Any day is a good day when it’s not leg day. Remember what I said at the top, go buy a ton of fireworks that you’ll eventually regret today.


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