Ward’s Take: July 5, 2018

Back to reality for most of us today. The weekend is upon us, which is good for most everyone but me.

Today: the Cardinals won a series against a pretty good team, I’m starting to believe in the Brewers, who I want to see get Manny Machado, and why I’m pretty excited for tomorrow night

The Cardinals won a series. They should do that more often

There were a lot of positives you could take from last night’s game. It looked like it was going to be another quiet Cardinals loss, then they scored runs.

Matt Carpenter continues hitting the ball, it looks like Tommy Pham may finally be starting to come around again, and Yadi defies Father Time. It’s very rare when I have so many positives from the offense.

Miles Mikolas is still living up to being the Lizard King and Jordan Hicks, while I don’t completely agree with using him in the situation, continued doing Jordan Hicks things.

All things considered, a pretty good series win. They stay on the West Coast to face off against the other Giancarlo Stanton reject in San Francisco. Milwaukee and Chicago keeps winning, the Cardinals need to follow suit.

I’m finally starting to believe in the Brewers

It seems like a yearly occurence that the Brewers start off hot. Every single year I see this but my thought it always, “They won’t keep pace.” “They’ll lose it eventually.” But this year is different. I actually think the Brewers might be in it for the long haul.

Don’t get me wrong, they’re middle of the pack offensively in terms of team batting average and runs scored, but their bullpen is crazy good. If you can’t get past their starting pitcher, you’re in trouble. They’ve got four relievers with a sub-3.00 ERA.

It’s just a gut feeling type thing. I think the Brewers might contend for the division this year. Hopefully the Cardinals will be part of that race, we’ll just have to see. Either way, I don’t think Chicago is running away with the NL Central this year.

I want to see Manny Machado in Philly 

The Phillies are the cinderella team this season, kind of. They were everyone’s favorites to break out this season, but not many people actually thought they’d be in the the thick of things in the NL East come July. The same can be said for Atlanta.

I don’t know the specifics of how to get it done, I’m not a huge follower of the Phillies, I just saw Jayson Stark mention the idea in his piece in The Athletic yesterday and I liked it. The Phillies could seriously contend for the NL East crown with a guy like Manny Machado.

It would be something different and perhaps spare us from seeing another Washington first round exit.

There’s a super fight this weekend, but good fights coming tomorrow too

For those that follow the UFC, you definitely know what’s coming this weekend. The super fight. DC and Stipe. I’m pumped for this fight, but I’m also pumped for what’s coming tomorrow.

The Ultimate Fighter: Undefeated finale. I’m not going to lie, I was very shocked to see how well DC’s team did compared to Stipe’s this season. I’m not expecting much different from the two finals fights.

Brad Katona, Clark Kent, is a silent assassin. The nerd that everyone would overlook and then get their ass beat by. Joe Giannetti is not a silent assassin, but he’s an assassin. His submission game is so strong and he’s tapped guys out in the first round in both of his fights this season.

I’m calling DC’s team to take the sweep tomorrow night, but the fights should be really fun.


Thanks for reading. I’m in an unusual situation tonight. Our full-time overnighter at the station is on vacation so I get the overnight tonight. I used to work these on Saturday’s all the time until I got the job at the DC. I don’t mind it, but it’ll certainly feel different.

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