Ward’s Take: July 8, 2018

Happy Sunday, folks. Tomorrow is my favorite day of the week (the life of a weekend shift worker). It’s a bit of an odd feeling. During the semester I’m on a program that gets me away with working two days, but now I’ve got to do the three since my summer class is over.

It was a long day yesterday and another 11.5 hour work day today so today’s Ward’s Take will be pretty short and sweet. I’ll discuss yesterday’s Cardinals win and my thoughts on Brock Lesnar and Daniel Cormier.

Carlos Martinez looked back to pre-injury form

Carlos Martinez is going to have to be good if the Cardinals want to be good. It seemed like he’s missed a little bit of a step since coming back from injury. That changed last night.

He was dominant on the mound, making his pitches, good movement, it was really pretty to see. You can only hope he continues going down that path.

Dexter Fowler got a shot and didn’t cash in, aside from a sac fly. While it may be harsh to only give him one start at a time, that’s all Mike Matheny can afford. When you’ve got a guy like Harrison Bader on the bench, you’re not going to get more starts without putting hits on the board.

Jordan Hicks gave up a run but pitched in the right situation. A late two-run lead is the right time to put him in a game. Bud Norris continues his stellar season. A lot of good things from this game.

(Present time update: Sandoval just hit the three-run blast off Brebbia as I typed this. Depressed)

The credibility of Brock Lesnar vs Daniel Cormier

Look, Brock Lesnar has obviously got the size. He’s got fists that are made of bricks and good wrestling experience, but he’s not ready to face Daniel Cormier.

There’s a big difference between being in good shape and being in UFC shape, we found that out at UFC 200. The event where Lesnar looked poised to thrash Mark Hunt and walk away with a lot of hype and money. He won the fight, but not like everyone hoped.

Daniel Cormier is far and above everyone else in the heavyweight division. I said just the other day, Jon Jones has a secret formula that no one else has.

Brock should be thankful he’s got enough hype to make a fight generate good money. That’s the only reason he would get this fight.


Have a good rest of your night. I’ve got to finish watching this Cardinals game to hopefully good results, make myself something to eat, then head to bed. One more day and my weekend is here.



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