Ward’s Take: July 9, 2018

Happy Monday, folks. MUCH better day at work today. 10 hours instead of the 11.5 hour days we got over the last two days. Now it’s my weekend!

Today: What happened to Cardinal pitching? The MLB All Star Game has no credibility

Cardinal pitching was putrid

Normally we talk down on how terrible the offense was, but yesterday was an exception. The offense was exceptionally good even with MadBum on the mound. They should’ve won that game yesterday.

There is no excuse for Jack Flaherty. With this bullpen, a starter should go MINIMUM five innings every night for the Cardinals to have a shot at winning. Most nights it wouldn’t hurt to go six.

I can understand having bad days, but 2 1/3 is horrible. The bullpen was doomed from the start. Mike Mayers pitched well and Brett Cecil later did exceptional. Everything else was pretty blah.

Brebbia was horrible. He kindly delivered a juicy pitch right to Pablo Sandoval’s sweet spot and it went into The Cove. I give Greg Holland a pass for Sandoval’s two RBI’s against him. He made a great pitch and Sandoval had an even better hit. After that, no excuse.

It was a frustrating day. On a day you’d bet on the offense faltering, they scored eight runs. You can’t lose that game.

The MLB All Star Game is about popularity, not All Stars

The All Star Game has become a joke, hasn’t it? Look at some of the starters in this game. Wilson Contreras and Bryce Harper? Bryce Harper is batting .218 this year. Contreras is having a good year, but not All Star starter good year.

The pitching selection is a joke too. I hope you’ve heard Chris Archer’s rant about Blake Snell not making the team. The guy is ranked 13th in MLB in innings pitched and is 12-4 with a 2.09 ERA (AL Leader) and he didn’t make the starters group??? What a joke.


Thanks for reading. Sorry this was posted so late. I planned to finish up once I got to the station tonight and it turned into a busier night than expected. Still need to hit the gym tonight. Planning on writing up my picks for AL and NL Final Candidate for tomorrow’s Ward’s Take, something to look forward to.

Have a good Tuesday.


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