Movie Review Saturday: Mission: Impossible – Fallout

Tom Cruise is one crazy SOB man.

The 56-year-old doesn’t use stunt doubles, and you’ll see how impressive that is when you watch this movie. The production of this film was even thrown off for a couple months because he broke his ankle while filming. Dude is tough.

It’s no surprise that he leads the way here. Mission: Impossible is Tom Cruise’s baby and he very rarely disappoints.

But he’s not Tom Cruise here, of course, he’s Ethan Hunt.

The basis of this story is tracking and finding three sources of plutonium. Hunt’s heart gets him in hot water from the get-go, and it leads to a compelling and heart pumping story throughout the entire film.

This movie does a really good job in doing what most sequels or series fail to do, actually being a sequel. Rather than just making another movie with the same characters, Fallout picks up almost right where Rogue Nation left off.

While Solomon Lane (Sean Harris) isn’t the main antagonist here, he still plays a pretty vital part. Ilsa Faust (Rebecca Ferguson) is also back and does a hell of a job with her role.

Luther and Benji (Ving Rhames and Simon Pegg) continue to tag along as the boys. They do a good job in seemingly helping bring out Hunt’s “other side”, or human side, the less intense version of Ethan Hunt, which doesn’t seem possible.

Vanessa Kirby plays the White Widow. A mystic and icy woman that is widely viewed as the best way to get to the plutonium. While that may be true, she doesn’t have the same motive as Hunt. You’ll find that out watching this too. A lot of people want to get to the plutonium, but nobody has the same motive.

Without a doubt, I was most impressed with the role of August Walker (Henry Cavill). Go figure, Superman can do everything. He’s in a unique role because this isn’t the way we normally portray him. The man who is usually on the big screen saving people is now trying to cause mass destruction.

His character comes off sketchy at first, a guy who’s hand-picked to tag along with Hunt to make sure he doesn’t lose the plutonium once more. It doesn’t seem right, and you quickly find out that it isn’t.

To put it simply, he has to be an asshole in this movie. He absolutely owned it. For a guy in Henry Cavill that isn’t used to playing these kinds of characters, this movie makes you wonder if he should do it more often.

There are plenty of plot twists in the movie, most of them you see coming, but there’s a couple more surprising turn of events. None of them are prominent enough to really make your jaw drop in shock.

The crown jewel of this film is the action scenes. Surprise, surprise, a Mission: Impossible movie is full of action scenes. But these are all meaningful. Every single scene has a purpose and almost no scenes are repeated.

You’ll see the attempted massacre of cops, high-speed car chases, high-speed motorcycle chases, foot races, two helicopters going head-to-head, and even a three-man altercation in the bathroom of a nightclub that sets the tone for the entire movie.

The ending of the movie is very predictable, and where most movies would typically falter in its delivery, but this one is far different.

The closing scenes of the movie are so dramatic that it makes even the predictable unpredictable. You know how the movie will end, but you’re constantly questioning yourself of how they’ll get there.


If you like action movies in any way, I highly suggest you find time to see this movie. There’s plenty of action that will have you on the edge of your seat, but enough breaks in between to give you time to breathe at the same time. Director Christopher McQuarrie hit it out of the park again. And in case I hadn’t made it clear, Tom Cruise is a total badass.


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