Cowboys Tuesday: 10-man personnel, Leighton Vander Esch, Zeke, Jerry Jones…

Training camp is officially open and that always brings a ton of excitement because football is almost here. The week has brought a mixed bag of emotions. The notable positive emotions include working more with the 10-man personnel, Leighton Vander Esch, and Zeke, among others. The negatives, per usual, revolve around Jerry and Stephen Jones, who still haven’t figured out how to shut the hell up.

The Cowboys have started working with the 10-man personnel

For those that are not familiar, the 10-man personnel is unique in that there is no tight end on the field, one running back, and four receivers. With Jason Witten, the Cowboys basically never ran this package. To be quite honest, the Cowboys almost always ran the same package every single week.

The 10-man personnel look is fun because it’s something different. The Cowboys offense got very predictable last year. With four receivers, the defense is spread out, which leaves a lot of possibilities. From my understanding, the typical look, as far as the four receivers go, was Tavon Austin, Terrence Williams, Cole Beasley, and Allen Hurns.

While those names won’t necessarily strike an immense amount of fear in anyone, that’s a pretty good corps. Combine that with the fact you have Zeke in the backfield, that’s a pretty good set.

I don’t think the Cowboys should use it at a high rate, but throwing in that package throughout the course of the game would keep a defense guessing and ultimately lead to better results, more points on the board, and less three-and-outs. I can only hope Jason Garrett sees it the same way.

Leighton Vander Esch looks good

While there was a lot of questions about Leighton Vander Esch, the kid can play. I admittedly haven’t seen him play in-game but from videos I’ve seen from training camp he’s quick off the line and powerful as hell. He can be a really good addition to the defense and dynamite alongside Demarcus Lawrence. I wasn’t against drafting him, but I was against drafting him in the place the Cowboys did. I’m prepared and ready to eat my words.

Zeke will be better, and so will the Cowboys

If you haven’t seen any pictures of what Zeke looks like at training camp, you need to. The guy looks like a damn beast. Not only does he look great physically, he’s got to be great mentally. Whether he’ll admit it or not, it’s impossible to be in the situation he was last year and not think about it a little bit. That’s gone.

The question of whether he’ll play or not this season isn’t there. The Cowboys don’t have to prepare for him not being there. Simply, there is less worry. Zeke can worry about staying healthy and playing good football. How much of an impact a clear mind will have remains to be seen, but I would be very surprised if the Cowboys don’t come out with a fire we failed to see last year.

Dear Jerry, please SHUT YOUR MOUTH

Jerry Jones puts a label on every single Cowboys player, staff member, and fan. How can a non-racist, level-headed human being support this team?

First off, I’m not racist, I can’t confirm that I’m completely level-headed, and I support the Dallas Cowboys. Why? Because I always have.

Jerry Jones has nothing to do with the physical team that plays on the field that I root for. Anyone that knows me can confirm that I have a strong dislike for Jerry Jones. Putting people in this situation is the exact reason why.

No one needs your stance on the national anthem, Jerry. Stop fueling the fire. Focus on the team, focus on winning, don’t focus on Donald Trump, don’t focus on stirring up controversy. But this is Jerry Jones, controversy is in his blood.

His son isn’t much better, but he at least has a little more competence.

Please, Jerry Jones, shut up. Do everyone a favor. Not just Cowboy fans. Football fans, sports fans, humans in general. Your input isn’t needed. If you think it is, it definitely isn’t. Shut up.


I’m excited to see what the rest of this week has in store. The season is quickly coming upon us. Whether that will be good or bad is yet to be seen.

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