OKC Thunder Thursday: KD a phony in OKC? Steven Adams on Reggie Jackson

Us OKC fans are really in a sit and wait mode right now. The roster is full at 15 spots, which isn’t normal for Presti to do. Is he done? Will he look to make trades? There’s a few questions but not many clear answers. We’ll see how these next few weeks play out.

Today: KD apparently texted Chris Broussard to tell him about the “new KD” and Steven Adams apparently disses on Reggie Jackson in his new book.

KD says he was “phony” in OKC and the “real me” in Golden State

Who knows how valid this is, it was allegedly a text Chris Broussard received by KD. It came as they were discussing him on First Things First yesterday.

One thing I know for sure is Kevin Durant has changed. I’ve actually been very vocal in saying I’m jealous of the KD Golden State got. “Killer KD” is what I’ve called him. He doesn’t give a damn. He’s going at people, which he never did in OKC, he’s calling teenagers out on Instagram, calling out fellow NBA players on Twitter. Childish as it may seem, his performance on the court backs up his attitude. OKC might already have a championship if he played with the mentality he has now.

My question, though, is if this KD is actually the “real” KD. I would argue that the “real” KD was the one in OKC. The kind-hearted, humble character. I generally agree with what Charles Barkley said. KD has become an asshole. He got what he wanted (a ring) and people were against him the whole way.

To put it in professional wrestling terms, KD made a big heel turn. He got a cockiness to him which, again, he did back up on the court. Two championships and two Finals MVPs doesn’t just happen out of luck.

I was at the game in OKC this year the last time they hosted the Warriors. Even two years later, the fans made it evident we still don’t like what he did.

Maybe this is the real KD now, who are we to tell somebody who they are? I tend to believe he isn’t naturally a cocky SOB, but it is what it is.

Steven Adams goes at Reggie Jackson?

Steven Adams has released his new book and apparently taken some shots at Reggie Jackson. You can read the full quotes the story gives here, but I’ll take the main one’s that incited a reaction for me. I agree with Steven on one and am in the middle on the other.

“As for the controversial out of bounds call given to us that everyone says went off our guy Reggie Jackson’s hand? I couldn’t possibly comment. Reggie was in a three-on-one fast break situation and chose to take it hismelf instead of passing to KD or Russ. That’s far more controversial to me.”

Absolutely. This is referring to Game 5 of the second round against the Clippers in 2014. The move was pure selfishness. It’s what people like to call “me ball”. I noticed this a lot with Reggie Jackson. He seemed to play for himself more than he did for the team. It caused some dissension in the Thunder locker room, and the next quote reveals it was always there.

“When Russ came back from injury and took over the starting spot again, Reggie wasn’t happy. We were just looking at him thinking, ‘You’ve got to be some kind of fool to seriously think you should be starting over Russ.’ But that’s exactly what he thought, and that kind of thinking went against everything the Thunder was about.”

He clarified by saying that you played your best no matter what role you were assigned, that I can agree with. I’m not totally against Reggie thinking he was better than Russ. Of course, Reggie Jackson is nowhere near as good as Russ, but having that mentality takes you places. Just recently, a lot of people were giving Jimmy Garoppolo a hard time because he said he believed he was better than Tom Brady. These guys know they aren’t, but they’ve got to believe in themselves. If you can’t believe in yourself, no one is going to believe in you.

I still plan on picking up Steven Adams’ book and giving it a read. It probably won’t be in the near future, I literally just started on a new book a few days ago, but I’ll definitely give updates on how it’s going once I get to it.


Thanks for reading! Have a good night.

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