2018: Post Week 2 NFL Top Five

Well last week was crazy, wasn’t it?

My top two teams lost and another in the top five tied. That left me with some interesting decisions to make this week, those decisions that I’m sure some will disagree with. Only one new team in this week, but a lot of changes in position.

Number Five – New England Patriots

What did I tell you, eh? WHAT DID I TELL YOU? Check out what I said in last week’s Top Five post in the Patriots section if you don’t know what I’m referencing. Like I said, I like to brag on the rare occasions I get these things right.

Tough week for the Pats but this week shouldn’t be too big of a test for them.

If you don’t think Belichick wants to stomp a mud-hole in Matt Patricia’s new team, you’re wrong. I imagine they get a pretty easy win this week.

Number Four – Jacksonville Jaguars

How about the Jags??

They’ve struggled in the fourth quarter through the first two games but they’ve done enough in the first three that it didn’t matter, still something they’d surely like to get better at.

Here’s a friendly notice that Blake Bortles has more passing yards than Tom Brady and has the same amount of touchdowns as Brady and Drew Brees. As we all expected, of course.

They should be able to feed on the Titans, specifically the defense. With Marcus Mariota still in the dark, it could be Blaine Gabbert under center again. I can’t see him being able to do much against Jacksonville’s D.

Number Three – Kansas City Chiefs

That Patrick Mahomes guy is something. This fantasy owner didn’t approve of him throwing to about everyone BUT Tyreek Hill in the first half, but he eventually made up for it. Way to go, Patrick.

I still worry about the defense. The defense is the reason I can’t put them in the Top 2. It’s weird to say because for so long it was the other way around. The good thing for them is they’ve still got a lot of time to work on it.

The Niners are an interesting matchup for them. I don’t think they’ll lose, especially at home, but it could end up being a pretty decent game.

Number Two – Philadelphia Eagles

Some people may not like this, but I’m pumping the breaks on dropping Philly too far. The biggest reason is the return of Carson Wentz. Speaking of that, here’s an ESPN piece on his comeback. It’s really good stuff that you should read.

Aside from the comeback, I won’t punish them too much for losing to Fitzmagic. I don’t know where he came from but it’s fun to watch. With Wentz coming back, and now bringing back Jordan Matthews, I won’t be as easy with their ranking for another loss in that manner.

I think a game with the Colts is a toss-up. They looked good against the ‘Skins last week and lost in incredibly demoralizing fashion to Cincinnati Week 1.

Number One – Los Angeles Rams

I had a sneaking suspicion the Rams would find themselves at the top of my rankings sometime this season, I wasn’t expecting it to be so early.

To be fair, the Eagles and Patriots helped them out by losing.

Not to discredit the Rams, they did exactly what they should’ve done this week. They’ve beaten Oakland and Arizona and it hasn’t even been close in the first two weeks. Their offense is good, their defense is really good, they’re the best team in the NFL right now.

Their toughest test of the early season will come this week with the Chargers. The Chargers are a strange team because they’re good but they haven’t found it out yet. I expected it to take them a little bit, I just don’t have an answer yet as to when that will be.

For now, I don’t think it’s this week against the Rams.

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