2018: Post Week 4 NFL Top Five

The NFL wasn’t as quite of a drunk in Week 4, but there was still some rather surprising results. Unfortunately, I jinxed the Dolphins luck. The defending Super Bowl Champions have yet to find their stride and the Steelers may never find it.

Enjoy my Top Five this week. I again go a little brash with number five, so I’m sure it will backfire just as last week’s did.

Number Five – Tennessee Titans

The Titans. Why not? Who else could be in the five spot? The Jaguars could be, but the Titans beat them. The Eagles could be, but the Titans just beat them. They’re riding a three-game winning streak and Marcus Mariota isn’t showing many signs of his injury

Corey Davis was a pleasant surprise to the receiving corps this week (he’s thriving on my fantasy team’s bench) and Mariota led the team with 46 rushing yards and 10 carries.

I doomed the Dolphins by putting them in my Top Five last week, hopefully the Titans do me a little better and don’t actually lose to the Bills this week.

Number Four – New England Patriots

Yeah, yeah, yeah, go figure the Patriots are back in the Top Five. You didn’t actually think the Patriots were going to drop to 1-3 by losing to the Dolphins, did you? (I hoped so)

They’ve got the Thursday night matchup at home this week against Indy. They shouldn’t have an issue winning, but I also thought that when they played Detroit, so we’ll see

Number Three – New Orleans Saints

Drew Brees is nearing history and the Saints have won three in a row.

They finally put together a more convincing win this week, though it was against the Giants, so take that for what you will.

The Saints, of course, have a good offense, currently ranking fourth in total offense. An under-the-radar stat is they also rank third in rush defense.

The Redskins will test that this week, as they rank fifth in rushing offense. But with a game at home and a chance for Drew Brees to cement himself as one of the greatest of all time in primetime, it’s hard to see him losing it.

Number Two – Kansas City Chiefs 

Holy hell Patrick Mahomes is absolutely incredible. I’ve made the reference that I’m not sure I could do some of the things he does on Madden. If anyone knows how to SWITCH THROWING HANDS with Von Miller on your ankles in Madden, PLEASE TELL ME.

There are still some things we haven’t seen him overcome, but until this week, we didn’t know how he could handle some late-game adversity. In his first test, he did pretty damn good.

The defense was better, specifically the pass rush, but I still have a lot of worries. They were a Case Keenum overthrow away from losing that game, one play after dropping what should’ve been the game-winning interception. That will need to get better.

This week is going to be very interesting. We’ve seen what Mahomes can do, but what’s he going to be able to do against arguably the best defense in the NFL in Jacksonville?

Number One – Los Angeles Rams

Nothing really new to talk about here. They’re first in total offense, ninth in total defense, Jared Goff is second in passing yards, Todd Gurley is second in rushing yards, and Brandin Cooks is third in receiving yards.

You knew the Vikings were going to come out with a chip on their shoulder after being embarrassed, and the Rams handled it well.

A game in Seattle will be big this week for rivalry purposes, but they should win it. With Earl Thomas, and his middle finger, gone for the season, the Legion of Boom is dead.

Jared Goff should exploit that.

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