2018: Post Week 5 NFL Top Five

This was a very anti-climactic week, not a ton of surprises. Cleveland had a kicker miss a game-winning field goal again, but he redeemed himself in overtime, Tom Brady has a winning record again, the Falcons look really, really bad, and Mason Crosby looks even worse. And oh yeah, Drew. Brees.

Number Five – Cincinnati Bengals

I apologize in advance to any Bengals fans. History says they will now lose this week. Miami was here two weeks ago, we know how that went. Tennessee was here last week, I don’t even want to talk about that one.

So besides the impending doom they face this week, the Bengals have a pretty quiet 4-1 record this season. Their one loss came from the Panthers, but Carolina needed a sensational field goal to beat the Giants and I can’t put a team in my top five that lost to Atlanta. Not yet.

The Bengals certainly won’t be able to sustain this record with their current play. They’re a middle-of-the-pack offensive team (17) and their defense is pretty bad too (25).

That defense could put them into some trouble this week. Pittsburgh finally put some major offensive production together against Atlanta in Week 4, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did the same thing again.

Number Four – New England Patriots

The Patriots should’ve beat the Colts, I expected it to be in a more convincing fashion. Nonetheless, the offense looked much better. Tom Brady threw two picks, but he also threw for 341 yards and three touchdowns.

James White continues to be a big key in the receiving corps, good things have happened for the Pats when that holds true.

We’ll have a top five matchup this week! They’ll face a very poor Kansas City defense but their average defense will face a juggernaut offense. We’ll see how it goes, New England should be thankful the game is at home.

Number Three – New Orleans Saints

Does anybody actually have a problem with Drew Brees? This is the most startling thing I’ve realized with his record-breaking performance. I don’t think anybody can legitimately say they dislike Drew Brees, he’s just such a good dude. He makes it really easy to root for him.

Aside from him, the Saints put together a really good win Monday night. Tre’Quan Smith had a phenomenal game and Mark Ingram ran two in. Alvin Kamara came back down to earth after killing it against my fantasy team last week (It’s ok, I still won).

Drew Brees has led them to hold the third-best offense in the NFL, but their defense needs work (18).

They will go against the third-best defense in Baltimore this week. With the game in Baltimore, it could be a very interesting matchup.

Number Two – Kansas City Chiefs

This was the best win of the Chiefs season thus far.

The offense put 424 yards on the best defense in the NFL, that’s really good. Patrick Mahomes threw two picks and didn’t have a passing touchdown, but like I said, they were facing the best defense in the NFL. There are certain times where you can give a guy a cop-out, this is one of those times.

Now the defense. It makes for a pretty easy gameplan when a team’s best back is TJ Yeldon. Blake Bortles attempted an absurd 61 passes. Sixty. One. The Chiefs did a good job in picking off four of those passes, the pass rush was good again with five sacks on the day. At the end of the day, they still gave up 502 yards. That’s not good.

I’ve already mentioned the game they have ahead of them this week. The biggest factor, as I’ve said, is the game being in Foxborough. If it’s at Arrowhead, I’d see it being a pretty easy win for the Chiefs.

Number One – Los Angeles Rams

It took five weeks, but the Rams finally had to overcome some adversity. They did it, and they did it in a loud Seattle environment.

Jared Goff didn’t have a great day, but Todd Gurley made it up for him. Not a bad formula when two of your top receivers go down with a concussion. And this Sean McVay guy? That guy is really smart.

The Rams remain the top offense by a considerable margin, their defense ranks 9th. Just an overall good team.

They face the Broncos this week. A bad offense, a bad defense. Similar to the Chiefs’ scenario, the only factor is the game is in Denver.

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