2018: Post Week 6 NFL Top Five

This is coming close to being a Top Four blog. My No. 5 team has lost three weeks in a row. Picking this week’s fifth-ranked team wasn’t easy either, I nearly just flipped a coin and called it good. Then I contemplated putting the Eagles there to try to sabotage them, but that never works. Aside from that, the Chiefs lost this week, the Browns handily lost for the first time this season, and Aaron Rodgers did Aaron Rodgers things.

Number Five – Los Angeles Chargers

I’m going to be honest, I think Baltimore deserves to be here more, but I really want to break the streak. Baltimore plays New Orleans this week, LA plays Tennessee. The odds say that LA has a better chance.

I said at the beginning of the season that I think the Chargers are going to be good but it’s going to take them some time to realize it. After losing two of their first three, they’ve won three straight and Melvin Gordon just ran all over the Browns defense.

Gordon is third in the league in rushing yards and has helped the Chargers rank sixth in rushing offense. Their defense is very slightly above average with their run defense a few spots better than their pass defense.

The aforementioned game against Tennessee this week has them favored to win at 71.9%. It’s a game in London and the Titans look lost after falling to the Bills two weeks ago and looking absolutely blank against the Ravens in Week 6.

Number Four – Kansas City Chiefs

I feel bad for Pat Mahomes, I really do. He played one hell of a game after a shady first half and nearly came back against the Patriots IN Foxborough. Not a lot of guys can do that, especially not a rookie.

But it’s the same note I’ve been harping all season long, that defense is a PROBLEM. Here’s the pro: Tom Brady doesn’t run every offense in the NFL. Here’s the con: Sony Michel looked like an all-time great against that defense.

Mahomes should have another big game this week under the lights against an equally horrid Cincinnati defense. The Bengals don’t have a quality offense either, so the Chiefs should rebound from Week 6 pretty well.

Number Three – New England Patriots

On the same note as the Chiefs, the Patriots defense is going to be a problem this year if they want to go the distance. They rank 20th in total defense, 21st in pass defense, and 18th in run defense. Far from stellar.

The X-Factor though, as it has been for so long, is Tom Brady. Tom Brady can really just make about anything happen (except catch footballs, remember) and it doesn’t look like he will ever slow down.

They’ve got a matchup against a sneaky Chicago offense this week. The combination of Jordan Howard, Tarik Cohen, and Mitch Trubisky not being afraid to run has led to Chicago boasting the eighth-best rushing offense in the league through six weeks.

The Bears are looking to rebound from an overtime loss to Miami, and the game is in Chicago. I wouldn’t be surprised to see an upset in this game.

Number Two – New Orleans Saints

The Saints move up a spot after a bye week thanks to Kansas City’s loss.

I’ve already mentioned they’ve got a tough matchup in Baltimore this week. ESPN gives the Ravens a 60.4% chance to win. The football gods blessed us with the timing of this game. After the madness of noon games comes to an end, we’ve got this one to look forward to.

Number One – Los Angeles Rams

Despite another scary ending, the Rams pulled out another one to remain undefeated.

Is Cooper Kupp human? Oh my God. I was watching Redzone with Kaytlyn when it happened and I, being a couch doctor and all, immediately deemed it a torn ACL. “He’s done. Season gone.” THEN HE CAME BACK TO THE SIDELINES.

The official diagnosis is a torn MCL and that certainly hurts the Rams offense. Good thing they’ve got this guy named Todd Gurley.

They shouldn’t miss him too much this week, at least. They’ve got the Niners coming off a depleting loss to Aaron Rodgers (others call the team the Green Bay Packers). I can’t see the Rams having much trouble in that one.

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