2018: Post Week 8 NFL Top Five

Go ahead, publicly shame me for not getting the Top Five piece out last week. The sad thing is I was busy enough that I virtually completely forgot about it, and I never forget about the Top Five piece. To my millions of readers, I apologize. I was Ty Montgomery last week. I’ll try to be Aaron Rodgers this week.

Number Five – Los Angeles Chargers

The downfall of not typing this up last week is that I couldn’t boast about the STREAK BEING OVER. Finally. FINALLY a team that I put in as No. 5 did not lose. They might have tried to, but they didn’t

The Chargers are coming off a Week 8 bye and have a tough matchup in Seattle this week. I told people in the preseason that I think the Chargers are going to be good this year but it’s going to take a few weeks for them to realize it. That’s exactly what’s happened so far, so we’ll get a good idea of how good they really are this week.

Number Four – New Orleans Saints

The Saints would really like to forget the Minneapolis Miracle. It won’t ever happen, literally ever, but games like in Week 8 will certainly help.

I watched maybe a total of five minutes of the game, so I can’t honestly provide any of my own analysis of the game, but the box score looks good.

What I can say is that we are in for one hell of a game this week. With the game in NOLA, the Saints have the upset alert ready for the Rams. Unless things within in the NFC change, there’s nothing that currently indicates this is the only time we’re going to get a Saints-Rams game this season.

Number Three – Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs are good enough that they should be in the Top 2, but I’m forced to remain giving respect to the Pats for being the only team to beat them.

The Chiefs are in a good spot with their defense getting better and their offense being out of this world. We know about Mahomes, Kareem Hunt, Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill, the normal guys. But now Sammy Watkins is coming up with 100+ yard games? The offensive weapons the Chiefs have is just unfair.

The Bengals and Broncos aren’t great offensive teams, but the defense has shown vast improvements since looking downright embarrassing against the Patriots.

They should have another good week against Cleveland this week. The only area of concern for KC is the Browns coaching overhaul. Teams typically perform a lot better the first week after a coaching change.

Number Two – New England Patriots

Again, the Patriots probably don’t deserve to be this high, but I have to give them their credit for being the only team to beat the Chiefs.

They handled the Bills with ease in Week 8, as everyone expected. Julian Edelman finally had his first big game of the season, which you have to think is something the Patriots will need if they do want to make it back to the Super Bowl.

The crazy thing is this; can we all agree that this doesn’t seem like a typical Patriots season? To me, this Patriots team isn’t cruising through teams like they normally do. But guess what? Here they are as the second best team in my rankings.

Tom Brady has the Lebron James effect. Even in a year that seems tougher than others, anyone with a brain would never count them out.

Number One – Los Angeles Rams

A team that already has Aaron Donald and Ndamukong Suh as pass rushers just added Dante Fowler. Jesus.

It’s really hard to judge their performance in Week 8. They showed true vulnerability for probably the first time this season. You can’t say that Aaron Rodgers was going to march down the field and take that game, but anybody that knows Aaron Rodgers can agree that the chances of it happening were really high.

The Rams didn’t have to worry about it. Ty Montgomery made sure that Twitter wouldn’t be set ablaze with another sensational late-game Aaron Rodgers drive. Now he’s in Baltimore after being traded for a seventh round pick.

I’ve already mentioned how fun this week’s matchup with the Saints is going to be. We’re going to learn a lot about both teams.


So not only did I forget to do this post last week, but you may have realized these rankings are the exact same as they were two weeks ago. Pretty boring, I know, but I don’t control these teams.

If it’s any consolation, Rams at Saints and Chargers at Seahawks this week. Lot of potential for some big shakeups come next week.

Thanks for reading.




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