2018: Post Week 10 NFL Top Five

Yes, I know, I’m coming in later than normal with my Top Five piece again this week. Again, to my millions of readers, I apologize. College gets busy sometimes, ok?

Week 10 saw some pretty crazy results. We had some ass kickings, some surprises, and some division leaders getting separation. Here’s my Top Five as we head to Week 11:

Number Five – New England Patriots

I hate to rank teams based on reputation, but Tom Brady always does his best when you count him out, so I’m not going to do it.

Man they looked bad this week. Brady did fine and the receivers did fine, but the running game was gone and the defense was downright horrible. The Titans have the third worst offense and fifth worst scoring offense in the NFL and the Pats let them score 34. Yikes.

We will get a good litmus test of where the Pats stand this week. They’ve got the Jets, who just got smoked by the Bills. If they lose that game, you could reasonably hit the panic button in Week 11.

Number Four – Los Angeles Chargers

Melvin Gordon is having a pretty special year, and the Los Angeles Chargers keep winning football games.

A 20-6 victory over the Raiders is about what you’d expect, so you can’t take much bad out of the game. They’ve got a decent defense but they do surrender a lot of points, so only giving up 6, even to a bad Oakland team, is something positive.

Their next two games are really important. Before entering a three-game stretch at Pittsburgh, vs Cincy, and at KC, you’d have to think they need to beat Denver and Arizona in these next two weeks.

Number Three – Kansas City Chiefs

Congratulations, Chiefs fans. You have finally passed the hump that was the head-to-head loss to the Patriots.

The defense played one of their better games this season. The Cardinals rank dead last in total offense, so don’t put too much stock into that, but at least they’re good enough to shut down the bad teams. I would’ve liked to have seen more from the offense, especially against Arizona, but the win was never in doubt.

I cannot wait for this Monday night matchup with the Rams. Moving it from Mexico City to LA isn’t that big of a deal, besides the NFL being morons. For any Chiefs fans angry about still being ranked below the Rams, just beat them this week. That’s literally all they have to do.

Number Two – Los Angeles Rams

The Rams are quickly back in the Top 2 thanks to the dismal Patriots performance. They looked a little vulnerable, but stayed in control of the NFC West with a win over Seattle.

Again, I just mentioned it, but so pumped for the Monday night matchup. I imagine it’s going to be a very high-offense game. I’m glad the NFL made the decision to not put players at risk on the Mexico City field but pissed they procrastinated so long on the decision. NFL management really is a joke.

Number One – New Orleans Saints

The Saints did exactly what you should do when a great team goes against a not-great team; dismantle them.

Mark Ingram had over 100 rushing yards, Michael Thomas (Top Five NFL receiver) hauled in two more touchdown passes, and Drew Brees threw three incompletions…three…that’s it.

They’re going to get an angry Eagles team this week. I mean, I’m assuming so. I’d be pretty angry if I lost to the Cowboys.


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