2018: Post Week 12 NFL Top Five

We continue to work our way towards the end of the regular season and continue to see teams either prove legitimacy or start looking at the NFL Draft.

The Bears keep proving legitimacy, the Packers should start looking at the NFL Draft.

Elsewhere this week, the Browns made a statement, the Eagles still don’t look great, the Seahawks keep their playoff hopes alive and Denver pulled off another upset.

Here’s my Top Five after Week 12:

Number Five – Chicago Bears

What did I tell you guys about the greatest backup quarterback of all time? 27-37, 230 yards, 2 touchdowns, no picks. Way to go, Chase Daniel.

I won’t go too far into it, because this is about the Bears, but what an embarrassing performance by the Detroit Lions.

The Bears defense came up big with two clutch interceptions, one a pick six.

They will have the Giants this week, who just had the Eagles on the ropes after winning two straight, but I think the Bears five-game winning streak and their spot in the NFC North standings should be enough to will them to victory.

Number Four – New England Patriots

The Patriots didn’t look great in the first half before looking like what we’d expect in the second half.

Sony Michel wreaked havoc on the ground with 133 yards and the running game was the difference maker. The Patriots outran the Jets 215-74.

This week’s matchup with Minnesota should be a really fun one. Minnesota is fighting for a playoff spot and still clawing for the division while New England is only one game behind the Chiefs for the top seed in the AFC, and they own the head-to-head tiebreaker.

Number Three – Kansas City Chiefs

Speaking of the Chiefs, I don’t want to say a game against Oakland is a must-win, but these are games they really should win. Especially when you consider the following:

The three non-Raiders games left in the regular season for the Chiefs are Baltimore (fringe playoff team), Chargers (who could still be fighting for the division) and at Seattle (who could still be fighting tooth and nail for a playoff spot)

Unlike the NFC, who is rather top-heavy, the AFC is a scary, scary conference. Clinching home field in that conference is a really big deal.

With all that said, back to the original point, they need to beat the Raiders.

Number Two – Los Angeles Rams

Speaking of teams fighting for home field that really need to win this week, the Rams really need to beat Detroit.

The Rams don’t have nearly as tough a schedule as the Chiefs do the rest of the way, but the Saints don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Next week the Rams will have a really fun primetime game against Chicago, making it even more important to win an easy one this week.

Number One – New Orleans Saints

Last but not least, the hottest team in the NFL.

The Falcons didn’t look like they had any clue how to contain the Saints offense, and no one can really blame them.

Drew Brees threw only his second interception this season but compensated for it by also throwing four touchdowns. Alvin Kamara rushed for 89 yards on 14 carries, his second-best yds/rush average this season. As we all expected, Dan Arnold was the leading receiver with 45 yards on 4 receptions and a touchdown.

The Saints play the Cowboys on Thursday Night Football tonight. /o,hyjugkutyjrgdbf. Whoops, that was the result of me wiping the tears off my keyboard. In all seriousness, I think the Cowboys could give them SOME fits. But speaking from an incredibly pro-Cowboys perspective, I see no danger of the Saints actually losing this game.


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