A meltdown: OKC blows 19 point lead to Indiana

Yikes, yikes, YIKES. My internet was really choppy during this game. At one point, the NBA stream buffered with the Thunder up 18. By the time I got it back, about two minutes, OKC was only up eight.

As it started to get worse, I jokingly asked myself, “What am I going to do if the Thunder actually lose this game?” Well the Thunder actually lost the game, I haven’t gone to the gym yet, and I might set PRs tonight after watching that meltdown.

First Quarter

Both teams exchanged runs to start before OKC began to pull away with their’s and took a 20-12 lead. Indiana got it back within four with 90 seconds left but the Thunder closed out the quarter with a 5-2 edge and led 29-22. 

I’m pretty sure I missed watching this entire first quarter as I was on my way home from class. Matt Pinto on the radio was not shy in sharing how horrible Scott Foster is and how he’s terrible at leading an officiating crew. I think Pinto goes over the top sometimes with his ref criticism but man I love that guy. There wasn’t much to gripe about in the first quarter after an abysmal start from the field. They developed a rhythm once they got going and kept it for the remainder of the quarter

Second Quarter

OKC basically led by double digits the entire quarter pushing their lead as far out as 15. The Pacers went on a few mini runs but nothing to put OKC in danger. The Thunder led 63-50 at the half. 

After having an unpleasant experience following the first half of the Brooklyn game, it was nice to see OKC continue rolling. PG made it very clear he wasn’t going to have another night like he had the last time he was in Indy and put in some good shots and ate all the boos the crowd was giving him. The highlight of this time actually came at the halftime show. I see everything since I watch on the NBA app. For the halftime entertainment, this old guy kept stacking chairs on top of chairs and ascending all of them. He kept acting like he was going to fall and was spiking my anxiety to an unnecessary level. What an ass.

Third Quarter

The ultimate lead came with 7:18 to go, OKC leading 73-54. Then the meltdown commenced. Indiana closed on a 27-15 run, including a buzzer beating half court heave from Cory Joseph. Thunder led 88-81. 

I honestly didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to this quarter. I felt like the game was pretty well in hand before the aforementioned stream buffering. How about that, the Thunder were going to handily have a pretty solid win. That was pretty foolish. Unlike what we’ll see in the fourth quarter, I think a lot of Indy’s run in the third was thanks to their own play. OKC was far from perfect, but the Pacers got back in the game because they just started playing good basketball. And Cory Joseph’s buzzer beater still has me shaking my head.

Fourth Quarter

Basically all Indy. The Pacers outscored OKC 27-18. The Thunder had two turnovers with 38 seconds left in a tie game, one of them when Paul George stepped out of bounds . A Wesley Matthews putback with 1.8 seconds left sealed the deal and Indy won 108-106.

Indy continuing its run in the fourth quarter was largely due to OKC playing bad basketball. 18 points in one quarter is inexcusable for a professional basketball team. The Thunder put up ugly shots, tried to force things, and had no offensive flow. It seems every time an opposing team goes on a big run, they completely forget how to run an offense. The Wes Matthews putback to ultimately win the game was well executed and textbook basketball, far from anything the Thunder did in the final quarter.

Team Numbers

There was no big discrepancy as far as team stats go. +2 in offensive rebounds, even in assists, even in steals, +1 blocks. -1 turnovers. Neither team did anything considerably better, they just turned in two lopsided halves.

Best Player – Terrance Ferguson

PG shot 43% and finished with 36 points, Russ had another triple double and another decent shooting night at 44%, but both struggled with turnovers. PG had five turnovers, Russ had four. Ferguson only had six points, but made two of his four shots (both makes from long distance), didn’t commit a turnover, and had a positive +/- (+9), the only starter that can say that.

Next Up

Those guys.

Doesn’t get much easier against the Warriors on Saturday. KD is questionable with his sprained ankle but the Dubs just beat Houston without him last night. Also, I’d have to think he’s going to do anything he can to shut up heckling Thunder fans.


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