Ward’s Take: Don’t hold back emotion

Here we go again.

Earlier today, White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson jacked a home run off Royals pitcher Brad Keller. Anderson did what we call a ‘bat flip’, and Keller didn’t like it. Keller responded later in the game by drilling Anderson, and it warranted the “benches to clear”

First off, there may not be a more anticlimactic and boring event than “benches clearing” in baseball. More often than not, it’s a bunch of dudes puffing out their chest and yelling at each other. I can go to the local bar and watch that.

Back to the main issue.

I’m sure Keller had to be envisioning himself when he threw at Anderson, right? I mean Keller was the one that delivered the pitch. I bet it was the way Tim Anderson was staring at him. It fazed him so much that he made a mistake pitch and Anderson took him yard.

You know what hitting a guy that “showed you up” is like?

It’s like going in for an exam, one that you waited until 20 minutes before the start of the test to start studying for. You get the grade back and you failed. Well damn, it has to be the way the professor worded the questions. If the professor was just good at their job, your 20 minute cram session was completely worthy of a passing grade.

Dumb professor.

Here’s a thought for Mr. Keller: Don’t give up a home run. If you’re thin skinned and don’t like a guy showing you up for taking you yard, how about you just don’t let him take you yard. Simple, yeah?

And that’s not even the worst part!

Check out the difference in how the White Sox and Royals’ announcers broadcasted it.

Nothing the White Sox announcers said in that video was inaccurate (I hate Chicago sports)  “Fun in baseball is not allowed, we have to yell at each other because he flipped his bat because he hit a home run. Why don’t you just get him out?”

AMEN. What a NOVEL idea. I’m not familiar with Chicago broadcasters but A for that guy.

“You can’t expect to just be flagrant and flaunt like that and show your opponent up without any repercussions.”

Actually yes, you can. That quote came from the dinosaur on the other side. The dinosaur in this instance is Rex Hudler. The guy that will tell you about how good he was in his heyday and think that everything in today’s game should be exactly how it was in the past. That’s Rex Hudler.

To these guys, sports are simple. You should absolutely be an emotionless robot. You should never show emotion after you hit a home run. You just scored a touchdown? You better set that ball down gently. You just hit a three pointer? You better keep your hands to your side and not say anything you arrogant piece of crap.

Stop it.

Please, just stop it.

I hope someone on the White Sox hits a home run the next time these teams play, makes their bat a makeshift pony, and gallops around the bases. That would make my day.

Stop getting your feelings hurt about players showing emotion. Don’t be mad that an opposing player is showing your team up, be mad at your team for letting them show them up.

Emotion belongs in the game. Emotion makes the game fun. Players should show MORE emotion. It sure would make for more entertaining games.


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