Monday Night Raw (5/27/19)

Based on public opinion, AEW Double or Nothing was outstanding. I haven’t watched it yet, so I can’t give my opinion on it, but I was pleased to hear about it. With that, I was interested to see how WWE would respond. Would some minor things change? Would some characters go in different directions? Would there be any response at all?

The answer was no.

WWE delivered another mediocre (that’s kind) show and the biggest pop came from mention of the hopeful rival.

Full result details here.

Brock Lesnar confronts Seth Rollins and Kofi KingstonĀ 

This was bad before the segment came an hour later that should’ve been put in this time slot. I think Lesnar’s ‘Brock Party’ thing is really dumb. It not only makes a mockery of the Money in the Bank itself, it makes a mockery of the major titles that Brock could win should he succeed with his cash in. Seth Rollins walked out without contributing anything (only to come back an hour later?) and the only reason Kofi was present was to lead to the next segment that should’ve happened one night later.

Dolph Ziggler brawls with Xavier Woods and addresses Kofi Kingston

This segment was both good and bad. From a pure segment standpoint, it was good. I think Dolph is doing good in this spot and his ‘It should’ve been me’ shtick is good. The major problem I have is this was done on Monday and not Tuesday. All three of these guys were on Raw because of the stupid ass ‘Wild Card’ rule. When the Viking Raiders and Robert Roode don’t even make the Monday card, this shouldn’t. This is a grade A segment if it happens on Smackdown, minus the length.

Shane McMahon def Lance Anoa’i

We finally got a match nearly an hour in and I’m hesitant to even label this as a “match”. This should’ve been a pure squash and instead we get Lance putting in some offense and nearly putting Shane away. We’re supposed to believe this guy can beat Roman Reigns? The ‘This is Awful’ and ‘AEW’ chants, that were quickly muted, were the highlights. We eventually get the inevitable Roman appearance and superman punches and I still haven’t put together the logic of why it took him so long to come out. Maybe he was partying with the Uso’s?

Seth Rollins confronts Brock Lesnar

This easily could’ve been made the opening segment and things would’ve been completely fine. At the very least, WWE could have timed this more than an HOUR after we just saw these guys, albeit that hour seemed like it took five. Eventually, Brock realizes he has a year to cash in and decides to make no decision. Lazy booking.

Becky Lynch & Nikki Cross def The IIconics

When does it become problematic that the Women’s Tag Team Champions never win tag team matches? Becky was the only good in-ring worker in this match and spent the least amount of time in the ring, though I respect WWE giving Nikki some work. She had some ok spots, but still left a lot to be desired. The Trashconics did nothing but holds and overselling. I guess Becky and Lacey Evans is still a thing. Yawn.

Ricochet def Cesaro

Ricochet is the most entertaining performer in WWE and you will not convince me otherwise. While I understand the disappointment in the inconsistent booking, WWE now has a title that anybody can grab at any time with no qualifications necessary. These are the kind of guys that should be gunning for the 24/7 Championship, not Titus O’Neill and R Truth.

Baron Corbin def Braun Strowman, The Miz and Bobby Lashley

I’m not as upset about this result as some people are. For a throwaway title match, and one that won’t get any build, Baron Corbin winning is fine. The match was fine, not great. At Super Showdown, the focus will be on the possibility of Brock cashing in and probably nothing else. Aside from that, that’s where this should end. A drawn out feud between Baron and Seth is not something I want to see.

Firefly Fun House

I think I know less and less about what is actually going on every single week and I love it. WWE is definitely becoming more open about revealing Bray’s dark side and I’m really looking forward to it. This is it, the only thing I consistently look forward to on WWE television.

24/7 Championship fiasco

So this is it? One week in and we get a terribly confusing scrum during an Uso party with nothing coming from it. Nice to see WWE has already given up after one week of having the title. What a joke.

Sami Zayn in “The Electric Chair”

What in the actual hell was this? I saw absolutely no point in this segment and it really limited what Sami Zayn can do. WWE sends interviewers into the crowd to have fans ask scripted questions, that’s what we’re doing now? That one guy forgot his damn line. The only pop came when Sami referenced AEW. I thought it was fine, seeing AEW took multiple shots at WWE, but how about just putting on a good show and then taking shots.

Seth Rollins def Sami Zayn

The match was eh. Brock was clearly the focus throughout the match, which will be the case until the day he cashes in. I’m fine drawing it out a little bit and constantly making us wonder if today is the day, but WWE has to be more cognizant of when a good time would be. They absolutely shoved ‘Brock cash-in’ down our throats during Raw and there was a 0% chance he was cashing in. Be more selective


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