St Louis Cardinals vs Cincinnati Reds (6/6/19)

The St Louis Cardinals followed a disappointing performance with a big win Thursday. Dakota Hudson and the bullpen was great while the offense did just enough to attain victory.

I followed the game in live blog format, which I probably won’t do often but it was at least fun to try.

Top 1

Nick Senzel grounded out to third
Joey Votto grounded out to shortstop
Eugenio Suarez singled to left
Derek Dietrich walked
Jesse Winker popped out to short

Not a great inning from Dakota Hudson but it wasn’t bad by any means. He struggled with location and didn’t get a few borderline calls he possibly should’ve. Suarez’s single was a pitch he left up and Suarez easily turned on. Votto’s ground out came after Hudson was down 3-0, so that was encouraging to see. No real threat, despite two runners getting on.

Bottom 1

Matt Carpenter struck out swinging
Paul DeJong struck out swinging
Paul Goldschmidt popped out to first

The Cardinals had a good, patient approach but didn’t convert it into anything. The Reds had an absurd shift on for Carpenter that he didn’t beat because he didn’t put the ball in play. He showed good patience, though. A ball 3 that followed an atrocious strike 2 call should’ve put him on base. DeJong struck out on a bad pitch to swing on, up and away. Goldschmidt was lucky he didn’t strike out on a borderline pitch on an 0-2 count. It didn’t matter once he popped out to first on a good two-strike pitch from Anthony DeSclafani.

Top 2 

Yasiel Puig grounded out to the pitcher
Jose Iglesias struck out looking
Tucker Barnhart grounded out to short

This was a much better and more aggressive inning for Hudson. He attacked the corners really well and his offspeed stuff was working nicely. He got help from Iglesias when he swung at a bad pitch on strike 2, but that strikeout was mostly due to Hudson’s effectiveness.

Bottom 2

Marcell Ozuna singled to center
Dexter Fowler grounded out to short
Ozuna stole third
Kolten Wong struck out looking
Matt Wieters flew out to left

The Cardinals, again, failed to cash in on a golden opportunity. Ozuna had a very productive inning, sending a high pitch back up the middle, gaining the attention of the Reds on the bases and swiping third while taking off way before DeSclafani threw the pitch. Fowler and Wieters should’ve had better results with the pitches they were given. Wong struck out looking on a pitch we’ve seen him turn on before. It wasn’t an excusable pitch to take with two strikes.

Top 3

Anthony DeSclafani grounded out to the pitcher
Nick Senzel doubled to left
Joey Votto struck out swinging
Eugenio Suarez grounded out to third

Great inning by Dakota Hudson, finding the corners and mixing speeds on his pitches. Senzel’s double was all because of Senzel, turning on a good inside pitch. The strikeout to Votto was a nasty pitch up and on the hands.

Bottom 3

Harrison Bader singled to center
Dakota Hudson sacrifice bunted, Harrison Bader to third
Matt Carpenter RBI single to right
Matt Carpenter stole second
Paul DeJong grounded out to third
Paul Goldschmidt flew out to center 

Bader singled on a pitch that would’ve likely been an outside ball 4; it all works just the same and seems more fun. He displayed risky, yet outstanding, baserunning on Hudson’s bunt. The Reds picked the ball up on the line once they realized it wasn’t going foul and it gave Bader enough time to make it to third. Carpenter turned on the exact pitch Wong should’ve turned on in the previous inning to lead to the first run and followed by getting another easy stolen base on DeSclafani. Weak contact by DeJong and good contact by Goldschmidt on their outs.

Top 4 

Derek Dietrich flew out to center
Jesse Winker singled to right
Yasiel Puig doubled to left, Dietrich to third
Tucker Barnhart hits sac fly to left, Winker scores
Anthony DeSclafani grounded into fielders choice to third

I actually thought this was another pretty decent inning from Hudson despite getting into some trouble. Winker and Puig made good contact on good pitches and Barnhart just got more contact than Hudson would’ve liked, it happens.

Bottom 4

Marcell Ozuna singled to third
Dexter Fowler singled to right, Ozuna to third
Kolten Wong struck out swinging
Matt Wieters struck out swinging, Fowler advanced to second
Harrison Bader intentionally walked
Dakota Hudson struck out swinging

This was an embarrassing choke job on an inning. Ozuna and Fowler started off in a great way with good contact and good baserunning. Wong made contact on a good pitch that probably should’ve struck him out, then struck out on a ball that wasn’t even close. Wieters made good contact on foul balls, then struck out on a ball that wasn’t even close. Hudson had a better at-bat than either of them and made DeSclafani waste eight pitches.

Top 5 

Nick Senzel grounded out to short
Joey Votto grounded out to second
Eugenio Suarez grounded out to short 

I don’t know if Dakota Hudson was pissed about striking out or what but this was incredible. Six pitches, a ball doesn’t leave the infield. Not much else you can say.

Bottom 5

Matt Carpenter struck out swinging
Paul DeJong grounded out to short
Paul Goldschmidt singled to left
Marcell Ozuna flew out to left

DAMN! Marcell Ozuna was mere feet away from a home run, and he’s had a hell of a game to this point. Goldschmidt’s single was simple contact. Nothing special from Carpenter or DeJong.

Top 6

Derek Dietrich grounded out to second
Jesse Winker walked
Yasiel Puig grounded into fielders choice, Winker out at second
Yasiel Puig stole second
Jose Iglesias grounded out to third

Carpenter made a terrible throw for the third out but Goldschmidt made up for it with a good defensive play. This was another solid inning from Dakota Hudson. It wasn’t as easy as the fifth, but he made it look pretty easy.

Bottom 6

Amir Garrett relieves Anthony DeSclafani
Dexter Fowler grounded out to short
Kolten Wong singled to second
Kolten Wong stole second
Matt Wieters struck out swinging
Harrison Bader flew out to center

Amir Garrett is a very good reliever coming in with a 1.75 ERA, so it’s not entirely shocking to see the Cardinals come up empty. I was actually thrilled to see Bader end the inning, allowing Hudson to go out to the mound for one more inning.

Top 7

Tucker Barnhart struck out looking
Josh VanMeter doubled to left-center
Nick Senzel walked
Andrew Miller relieves Dakota Hudson
Joey Votto struck out looking
John Gant relieves Andrew Miller
Eugenio Suarez pops out to short

Dakota Hudson tossed six innings and gave up three runs or less five times in the month of May. His month of June is off to a good start. His strikeout of Barnhart was on a nasty breaking ball that Barnhart knew immediately. The double he gave to VanMeter was more a matter of good hitting. Andrew Miller is starting to come around to the guy we wanted him to be. He hasn’t given up a run since May 19 and gave up a total of two in eight innings in May. John Gant hasn’t given up a run since May 15, and got Eugenio Suarez out on one pitch.

Bottom 7

Michael Lorenzen relieves Amir Garrett
Yairo Munoz singled to left
Matt Carpenter struck out swinging
Paul DeJong homers to left
Paul Goldschmidt struck out swinging
Marcell Ozuna struck out swinging 

Now that’s encouraging to see for Pauly D. His first extra base hit since May 19 and he’s now on a three-game hitting streak. He was vital in the epic month of April and abysmal in the horrifying month of May. Yairo made really good contact in pinch hitting to get himself on base. Matt Carpenter looks hurt.

Top 8

Jedd Gyorko relieves Matt Carpenter
Derek Dietrich flies out to center
Jesse Winker lines out to pitcher
Yasiel Puig strikes out swinging

Leaving John Gant out there was an easy decision and he did a great job again. My point on him from the last inning still stands. My suspicions on Matt Carpenter were true. Hopefully it doesn’t turn out to be anything too serious.

Bottom 8

Jose Martinez grounded out to first
Wandy Peralta relieves Michael Lorenzen
Kolten Wong grounded out to first
Matt Wieters flew out to right

Good contact and speed by Wong but nothing spectacular in this inning. The energy clearly displays everybody is focused on the ninth inning.

Top 9

Jordan Hicks relieves John Gant
Jose Iglesias flew out to left
Tucker Barnhart struck out swinging
Jose Peraza grounded out to third 

Exactly what Jordan Hicks should do. Huge win. Lets go to Chicago!

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