Smackdown Live & 205 Live (6/4/19)

Coming into Smackdown, we knew Goldberg was going to deliver his side of the feud on his match with the Undertaker. We knew that we would probably see some pointless segment with Shane and Roman, which is exactly what we got.

The goal of this show should’ve been to build further excitement for the Super Showdown card coming Friday.

While a ton of energy was put into promoting the card, nothing was done to make me more excited.

Full Smackdown result details here.

Opening segment exchange with Kofi and Dolph

There were a few things that I would’ve changed, but overall I thought this was a pretty solid segment. Kofi went over as the mega face who wants to inspire kids and the video package from Ghana put that over well. What wasn’t needed was three additional video packages that made the segment feel overdone.

I liked Kofi bringing up Dolph’s walking out in late 2017 and drawing back on the history the two have together. I wish Dolph had a more heelish approach. I don’t want him to respect what Kofi has done, I want Dolph to be the snobby, selfish heel that doesn’t care about inspiring kids.

Dolph can be pretty damn good when playing the mega heel role and he’s definitely not being allowed to do it right now.

Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods def Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn

This was a manageable match with the typical formula of heel team beating on the champion’s partner until the champion gets the hot tag and ends things. I like Dolph’s post-match attack and his actions. Like I said, I like Dolph in the mega heel role. He acted as such here, I wish his promos reflected that.

Moment of Bliss with Bayley..then Carmella…then Charlotte

Where do I begin with this unbelievably horrible segment?

I have legitimately paused watching Smackdown from watching to writing this because this segment pissed me off so much.

First off, Alexa was in full-on heel mode. Let me make note that I like heel Alexa way more than face Alexa, but it is totally contradictory to the buddy-buddy face we saw with Nikki Cross one night before.

Second, Carmella’s note that “You can’t just come from Raw and challenge our champion” is something that is fine and I generally agree with. The only problem is DOLPH ZIGGLER IS ON THE RAW ROSTER.

Third, the number one contender’s match is a lazily made Carmella vs Alexa Bliss vs Charlotte. Carmella has maybe the worst women’s title reign I’ve ever seen, Alexa Bliss is on Raw and Charlotte is the woman’s John Cena. Asuka? Ember Moon? Kairi Sane? Hell, Mandy Rose? This is what we get. Horrible.

24/7 Title scrum

This was super sloppy and I didn’t like it at all but I’m to the point of just accepting it. The 24/7 title is going to be a comedic bit and if there’s someone that fits that bill, it’s R Truth. They could be much more creative with these title defenses but we know that can be a struggle with WWE. 24/7 title matches rarely make sense and are often sloppy, and here’s your reminder that Aleister Black still hasn’t wrestled a match on Smackdown.

Shane McMahon, Revival, Roman, McIntyre segment

This was a pointless segment that established nothing new. I do enjoy that WWE is including the Revival in a bigger storyline but don’t expect anything to come of it. I saw Robert Roode and EC3 as lumberjacks, probably missed some more, Dolph opened the show and Alexa was on the show. Add in The Revival and Drew here, the “Wild Card rule” certainly surpassed its limit by a large margin an hour into this show. Braindead Vince still can’t follow his own rules.

Alexa Bliss def Charlotte and Carmella

What initially was a slopfest turned into a pretty decent match, namely after the not-so commercial break. I feel the same way with Alexa Bliss winning as I do Baron Corbin. For a short turnaround with little build, Alexa is a fine challenger for Bayley but should have no shot at winning or furthering a feud. Here again, we have another Raw wrestler vying for a Smackdown title. It makes very little sense to me.

Lars Sullivan interview

I’m glad we finally got the chance to hear Lars actually speak and see that he has some talent on the mic. Vince’s work definitely showed through at times, specifically the bodily fluids “nursery rhyme” which didn’t seem menacing; it just sounded weird. Hopefully Lars can get a credible opponent after he runs roughshod over the Lucha House Party at Super Showdown. I think Aleister Black could be a fun run-in but not right now. This is a total pipe dream that won’t happen because of his schedule, but I think a bit with Randy Orton putting him over could be really fun.

Andrade beats down Apollo Crews and Finn Balor

This was a fine way to put over Andrade as an aggressive and credible challenger to Finn, I think putting it at the expense of Apollo Crews was a mistake as he was made to look like a total joke. This seemed completely rushed and could’ve been a lot better. Andrade and Finn has all the potential to be a sneaky sleeper match that unfortunately wasn’t given any good build.

Goldberg and Taker come face to face

This was short, to the point and exactly what it should’ve been. I think both exchanges could’ve easily been done on one show but I understand why WWE split it into two. This is proof from two of the greats that it doesn’t take much to hype up a fight. I think the two coming face to face was a necessary pre-show nostalgia trip.


205 Live

205 Live continues to be a completely overlooked show that probably shouldn’t be. If WWE was smart, it should only be a matter of time before this show is scrapped and the talent gets some deserved exposure on the main shows, although we’ve seen lately how successful that venture has been.

Full result details here.

Drew Gulak def Akira Tozawa

This was better than any match Smackdown had to offer. I understand why WWE had Gulak attack the heel to lead to a separate heel vs face matchup but it initially came off as a little odd. I also wish Noam Dar wasn’t the heel recipient; I was really starting to get behind him as a damn good heel. I like Gulak’s new aggressive demeanor although it seems like he switches up his gimmick far too often. Him winning makes obvious sense as his pre-match attack would’ve been a waste had he lost.

Oney Lorcan def Ariya Daivari

Not quite as good as the first match but a fair display from both guys. I love Oney’s old school, hard hitting style. He needs some mic skills but his in ring work is definitely that of a champion. I could see him being a good candidate down the road for a heel turn and being the guy that dethrones Tony Nese.


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