Let the dynasty begin

Kyle Shanahan’s play calling in the fourth quarter wasn’t the biggest joke I heard this weekend.

The biggest joke came from my own mouth, when I claimed Saturday night that Kyle Shanahan got robbed for Coach of the Year.

Ok, in all seriousness, he did get robbed. That’s for a different post.

Before I get into the Super Bowl, let me flex.

That wasn’t me throwing out numbers. That was my prediction based on research and slight instinct, which made my nearly perfect prediction feel that much more gratifying. The Niners and Chiefs both averaged around 30 points per game, but I didn’t think there was a single defense in the NFL that could stop Mahomes. Until it mattered most, I was wrong.

I didn’t have a ton of faith in the Chiefs defense, but I had more faith in them than I did the Niners offense. Until it mattered most, I was wrong. I didn’t think it was going to seem like a particularly close game. I thought the Chiefs would get out to an early lead and the Niners would do just enough to be able to cling to hope.

So if you haven’t caught the theme here, I was completely right but completely wrong all at the same time.

Let’s get this out of the way first: The Niners had a fantastic season and nearly played a perfect game against the best team in the NFL. It took me until about Week 10 to finally convince myself that the Niners were actually a good team, and they were seven minutes away from winning the damn Super Bowl.

Shanahan relied on Jimmy G too much and I don’t agree with him choosing to pass instead of run while up 10 in the fourth quarter. Despite the terrible play calling, this one mostly goes on Jimmy G. If you’re getting the big money, you’ve got to make the big plays. Jimmy G failed, and Shanahan has another embarrassing Super Bowl meltdown on his resume.

I love it when players talk trash in sports. I also love it when it fires back at them. Simply put, back it up if you run your mouth. Richard Sherman’s mouth ran a mile this season, and rightfully so. I love his story. He bet on himself and agreed on a contract that most thought he was a fool for. It was a contract that required him to ball out for him to make the most money. He did that, and he got his money. Sunday, it didn’t work out so well.

Sammy Watkins did that to him. YIKES. I do credit Sherman for the original tweet, though. He wasn’t good enough last night and he admitted it. That’s rare for a lot of players to do.

Next, please enjoy the below tweet:

If you don’t understand why you should enjoy that tweet, just forget about it. If you know, you know.

While he’s shown some glimpses of poor play in the past, the first three quarters of the Super Bowl were the worst I’ve seen Patrick Mahomes play. The interception that was behind Tyreek Hill is maybe the worst pass I’ve ever seen Mahomes throw.

After that throw, it was all gold. Mahomes finally started doing what he’s been doing all season. His throws were perfect, his receivers got in perfect spots and he got some help from Damien Williams. I do not think Mahomes was the MVP of the Super Bowl, but I certainly understand the sentiment.

I’m very happy that Andy Reid finally got the ring he’s long deserved. I’m even happier it came AFTER his stint with the Eagles. Him saying that he slept with his trophy wife instead of the Super Bowl trophy was perfect. He’s a relentless worker and this was a long time coming.

I firmly believe that this is the first of many for the Chiefs. In only his second year as a starter, Mahomes really is doing things that I’ve NEVER seen from a quarterback before. It might take some bending of the salary cap for the Chiefs to maintain a quality all-around team. Mahomes is going to make A LOT of money and he absolutely deserves it. The team that KC surrounds him with will be an interesting thing to see.

Lastly, for the real Chiefs fans, I say congratulations. Let me give you some barriers. If you just started rooting for the Chiefs when Mahomes joined the team, you’re not a real Chiefs fan. If you became a Chiefs fan when the Rams left St Louis and you needed another team, you’re not a real Chiefs fan. If you were rooting for the team when the best players on the field were Tyler Palko and Dexter McCluster, you ARE a real Chiefs fan.

If you don’t match the criteria, I’m not saying you can’t root for them and I’m not saying that you can’t be happy they won. I am saying that you haven’t earned the right to act like you’ve been waiting your whole life for this, because you haven’t. Don’t take this moment from the real ones.

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