Three games in: Three Cheers, Three Jeers

When it rains, it pours.

Mother Nature deprived us of Cardinals baseball today. It came one day after having to face the harsh reality that we won’t see the Cardinals go 162-0. Maybe next year is the year.

The Cardinals essentially won the first series of the year by taking two of three over the Pittsburgh Pirates. Here’s three things I liked and three things that give me concerns. Let’s overreact.

Jeer 1: Starting Pitching

I am not pessimistic here but I think the best word is I’m skeptical. I’m not worried about Steven Matz after one start. If you are, please get a mental health evaluation because it is going to be a long season for you. What I will say is Matz wasn’t the most popular signing, so him going from Cy Young Award winner over two innings to completely inept after that is less than great. Miles Mikolas was not good. Waino was vintage Waino, which was certainly fun to see. Looking at #4 and 5, there’s logical reason to be skeptical. I’m not saying I don’t think it will work, but Dakota Hudson has pitched 47 2/3 innings over the last two years. Jordan Hicks has pitched 38 2/3 over the last three years. I think it could work but to trust both of these guys to be big inning eaters is a risk, to say the least.

Cheer 1: Nolan Arenado

Nolan was named the first National League Player of the Week today. I mean seriously, how is this guy a St. Louis Cardinal? He went 6-for-12 with two home runs and 7 RBI. One of his Opening Day shots put him about 10 feet away from three home runs. Watching him play third base is a joy. If you’re a Cardinals fan and ever having a bad day, just take a quick moment and remind yourself Nolan Arenado is a St. Louis Cardinal. It might help. (It probably will)

Jeer 2: Yadi’s Swan Song

Yadi is 1-for-12 so far this year. His last strikeout in the loss to Pittsburgh was pitiful. It would be less concerning if a start like this was surprising, but it’s not. I think Yadi should get the farewell tour he deserves, absolutely. There may not be a Cardinal player in history that deserves it more. But I do hope the Cardinals are cautious to not let his last ride hurt the team. Knizner was set to start today before the postponement, so I think the Cardinals have the right mindset.

Cheer 2: Lineup

I could’ve included this with the Arenado cheer but that would’ve ruined my lovefest. I am in the optimistic club with the Cardinals lineup. There are worse ways to start than Dylan Carlson, Paul Goldschmidt, Tyler O’Neill and Nolan Arenado. The bottom half of the lineup has questions but having a 27-year-old in Harrison Bader, who’s coming off a career year, in the eight-hole could certainly be worse. I like Tommy Edman in the nine-spot too.

Jeer 3: Stadium food prices

This is completely irrelevant to the Cardinals but I really can’t think of three things to be upset with three games into the season. I was at Opening Day and attended seven games (I think?) in various ballparks last year. The prices of food is just depressing. I spent 14 dollars on a “jumbo” brat (I would not define the size as jumbo) and fries. So many food items I would like to buy, but none I’m willing to take out a loan in order to purchase.

Cheer 3: Baseball is back

This is also pretty broad but it just feels really good having baseball back. Major League Baseball is my favorite professional sport, without a doubt. If I had to power rank my favorite sports teams, the Cardinals are #1, without a doubt. Let’s have fun. Let’s watch our favorite baseball team go on a win streak and make World Series predictions and then watch them go on a losing streak and contemplate them never winning another game. 162 games is a LONG season, and it’s also a lot of fun. Let’s ride.

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